How Sony is Already Owning the E3 Conversation

The Beyond crew talks about how Sony is building up the hype for E3 already!

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THC CELL193d ago

This is gunna be a great E3 for all gamers

Relientk77193d ago

I'm so ready for E3. Excited for all of the conferences. Show me the games.

SuperSonic91193d ago

PS4 earned Sony $10 billion last year so I expect a huge showing from team PS4 this year. Bigger Better

marloc_x193d ago

Wow! +98% YoY..
..oops, I misread the chart ;)

Neonridr193d ago

Lots of good stuff on tap for Sony to show off. I can't wait to see more of Spiderman, Ghosts and TLOU2. Nintendo should have a good conference as well with some solid titles. Smash and Pokemon have my attention, with some surprises hopefully. MS is the wild card here as we are unsure of what exactly they can show off to generate buzz.

Inzo193d ago (Edited 193d ago )

I dont think Sony cares that much about E3 anymore, obviously its still a huge day on their calendar but I think their focus has shifted more to the PlayStation Experience. That being said I am still very excited for E3.

Araragifeels 193d ago (Edited 193d ago )

I don't think so. I believe PlayStation care both equally. PlayStation Experience will focus on talking with the developers and the game for now on like last PlayStation Experience. E3 will continue to focus on announcing new games, new trailers and gameplay.

Inzo193d ago

I dont think so, If you take a look at what they have done so far by already announcing the games that will get focused on at E3 tells me that they are possibly going to use the PSX as their big reveal platform, sure there will be one or two surprises, like maybe BC for the PS or a new piece of hardware like the announcement of next hand-held console.

BehindTheRows193d ago

Agreed. They very much still care for E3.

isarai193d ago

I don't know where people get this idea that if a publisher says what game they are going to show that somehow that's going to be the only thing they show period.

And no they don't care less about E3, i mean look at PSX last year and tell me that. I love PSX but last years really just took a back seat. If they cared less about E3 why are they focsing on their biggest games on E3? i mean Death Stranding taking center stage? sounds like E3's still a priority to me

OnlyThoseOnTheFence193d ago

Didn't you guys put out an article a couple days ago about how "Nintendo already won 2018"??? The term "hyperbole" comes to mind...

Tigerblud193d ago

This article reminded me of that one. Didn't realize it was the same people. Let's just enjoy the games we get.

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