Nintendo essentially confirms Fortnite for Switch by uploading update data

Fornite has been heavily rumored over the past week. The game was first included in a lineup of leaked titles that will supposedly be on display at E3. Shortly after, a classification for the Switch version popped up in South Korea.

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Neonridr166d ago

online only games are a hard sell for a device that spends a good chunk of its time in handheld mode (for some). But I guess if you are ok with playing it on your TV like the other boxes or at least at a location with good wifi, then this should make for some good times.

Voice chat is an issue though, so I have to imagine it'll be lots of solo games :P

DarkVoyager166d ago

Agreed. Their horrible implementation of voice chat on Switch is a deal breaker for team based games.

wonderfulmonkeyman166d ago (Edited 166d ago )

I'd say it's an inconvenience rather than a deal breaker, at least if we're talking solely about tactical ability, and the way players can work together, simply through observation of a battle situation, knowing their role, and playing well by complimenting the plays they see their teammates pulling off.
Splatoon has proven that team play can happen even without voice chat.
And let's face it; the majority of "team" games recently have seen most of their match participents using chat for trash-talking, not for coordination.
That's even a thing in Splatoon, for the minority that actually use the chat app. It's sad but unavoidable.

I wouldn't call that an essential unless we're talking solely about professional gamers, which are such a minority of the usual participants that it's really not a deal-breaker at all.

Having said that, I do wish that Nintendo WOULD get with the times regarding voice chat.
As toxic and retarded as game chat and many of its users can be, some gamers get online with games like that precisely because they like that toxicity, and Nintendo, as a business, isn't doing themselves any favors by trying to control that toxicity to the point that it drives away sales.

If it gets them sales, let the morons be morons and the trash-talking children be trash-talking children.
Trying to police them by making voice chat more complicated than it needs to be, only hurts Nintendo in the end.

JaguarEvolved166d ago (Edited 166d ago )

It's just a waste of time buying into any online gaming on the switch now when it has horrible mic situation and Nintendo will be charging money for a rubbish service. Some fantastics will justify paying for Nintendo online service because of the price but Nintendo aren't offering much at all or even a quarter of what you can do on xbl or psn

Takwin166d ago

I've played over 250 Fortnite games and never one time used voice chat. Do just fine, even in random squads.

Gaming_1st165d ago


Well statistically speaking you're in the minority. And by all means post your gamertag or PM it to me and i will check your stats.

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deafdani166d ago

Splatoon 2? I mean, yes, it has a single player story mode (and soon the Octo Expansion), but I think it's safe to say that pretty much everyone bought it mainly for the online multiplayer aspect, like Call of Duty games. :P

DarXyde166d ago

I don't even play online much, but Splatoon 2 is great. I pretty much play Uncharted 4, Fortnite, and Splatoon online and that's it--I don't use voice chat in any of them.

For those who want to voice chat while playing Fortnite on Switch, I can understand the potential for frustration. For me, it's a nonissue. I imagine that if people wanted to play Fortnite that badly with seamless voice chat, they likely already are.

Gaming_1st165d ago


How about get some friends, my god.

Neonridr165d ago

oh definitely, not saying it can't be done, but Splatoon is a fantastic game. I just mean it's a harder sell since you can't exactly take the game with you like the majority of other Switch games. Splatoon falls into that same trap, but obviously people don't seem to mind that fact considering how well it has sold.

Besides, for those who really want to play it, they will do it while docked, like most Splatoon players.

But at least with Splatoon you can technically take it with you if you want to do the single player stuff.

Segata166d ago

Fortnite is free so nothing to sell and Splatoon 2 has sold over 6million and it's mainly an online multiplayer game.

SolidGear3165d ago

Why can't they just have normal voice chat with a headset? Fix your $hit, Nintendo.

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gangsta_red166d ago

This could seriously be big for Switch if they promote this right.

Prince_TFK166d ago

The Switch is gonna be my go-to Fortnite device if this is true.

gangsta_red166d ago

Fortnite is extremely huge right now and the mobile version is pretty much Fortnite lite with spotty like touch controls.

Switch could seriously have the advantage with a full fledged Fortnite on the go. Especially for young adults and teens who play this religiously.

OffRoadKing165d ago

Whats your go to Fortnite device right now?

Prince_TFK165d ago (Edited 165d ago )


Mostly PC. I tried on phone but the control sucks. Being able to play the game while on bed with a proper controller is awesome.

Visceral89166d ago

Interested to see how it will look and run.

Jinger166d ago

Don't expect 60fps and a good draw distance... Plus Nintendo's shoddy network and dumb voice chat... Yay?

GameBoyColor166d ago

has nothing to do with nintendos network when it runs off of epics servers

Gaming_1st165d ago


You're totally right. You do not send information from the nintendo network to the epic servers. You send information from the switch epic servers to the epic servers. SMDH.....People can not seriously think this. You have to go through the Nintendo network in order to access the epic servers...

Nebaku166d ago

The vast majority of all Nintendo first party titles run at 60fps on Switch, and do a decent chunk of third party titles like FastRMX. So unlikely or not, it's a silly thing to assume.

165d ago
Shiken166d ago

I don't expect 60fps. I expect to play the game on the go with full console features and controls. Try harder to downplay, your bias is showing.

Jinger165d ago

Well how are you going to play on the go? You'll need wifi

Madmoose165d ago (Edited 165d ago )

Well at least give the gal/guy a bit of credit. As most of the time that you'll see them, you can an almost be guaran-effing-teed that they'll be trying pretty damn hard. Maybe a gold star for the consistency or tip of the hat for their continual bias and downplay?

Jinger2h ago
Well how are you going to play on the go? You'll need wifi

Well they might be able to use their phone as a hotspot like a lot of people do. They don't always have to rely on Starbucks or McDonald's for Wi-Fi. It really isn't that hard to imagine though

Shiken165d ago


Almost any fast food place has Wifi for public use.
My work has Wifi.
My truck has Wifi.
Hell I can even make my phone give off a wifi signal good enough for online play.

You are aware that it is 2018 right?

showtimefolks166d ago

Okay I am starting to believe that leaked Nintendo E3 because 2 things from the list have been proven

New Pokémon game
Fortnite on switch

That means the thing I am excited for most likely will happen too fallout 3 remastered

On topic

Fortnite oh switch makes sense because epic has released it on mobile so it only makes sense in trying to attract new fans. Something PUBG got really wrong with making their game timed exclusive

I fully expect PUBG to become desperate now and try to release it on all platforms

SolidGear3165d ago

I'm super excited about the Fallout 3: 10th Anniversary Edition too :3

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