PS4 vs Xbox One vs Switch USA Lifetime Sales – April 2018

The PlayStation 4 outsold the Switch in April by 155,406 units for the month and the Xbox One by 191,235 units. The Switch outsold the Xbox One by 35,829 units.

When you compare monthly sales to a year ago the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One are up, while the Switch is down. The PlayStation 4 is up 118,618 units and the Xbox One is up 21,534 units. The Switch is down 109,289 units.

Looking at market share for the month, the PlayStation 4 managed to achieve 52 percent. The Switch accounted for 27 percent of the consoles sold, and the Xbox One 21 percent.

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JaguarEvolved194d ago (Edited 194d ago )

PlayStation 4 Total Sales: 24,228,770

Xbox One Total Sales: 21,212,590

Switch Total Sales: 5,888,114

Domination because PlayStation actually has games from exclusive titles to third party titles while other companies can go over seven months without a compelling title. Some actually released cardboard for their fans to play with and the fanatics are touting it as being great because it's selling well. Lol. I can't wait till they are being sold more cardboard

TallonIV193d ago

Why are you hating on the people who like Labo? How immature can you get? Just because you don't like something doesn't mean others can't. Grow up kid.

trooper_193d ago

The question is why you're sensitive about what he said? He's not wrong about it. Nintendo needs new, fresh franchises. It's fine people like it but really...cardboard?

AlphaCentyros193d ago

Because Nintendo actually released *cardboard* for their systems, instead of impressive new IPs.

81BX193d ago

Why is he sensitive? I'm not seeing at all the sensitivity in his response. The comment above speaks for the majority of mature gamers.

trooper_193d ago (Edited 193d ago )

81BX: Jaguar never made fun of anyone who legitimately enjoyed it. He's talking about the ones mindlessly defending it instead of demanding new franchises.

TallonIV193d ago

@trooper_ You just contradicted yourself. Labo is a fresh new IP and appeals to many gamers weather you want to admit that or not thats your prerogative. Nintendo have released new IPs, Mario+Rabbids, Octopath traveller just to name a few and their's more in the pipeline but continue to spew nonsense if it helps you sleep at night.

trooper_193d ago

@TallonIV: A random cardboard is not a new IP but nice try. Mario is getting old, and the games you mentioned isn't enough to justify a Switch.

TallonIV193d ago

@trooper_ You seem to be forgetting the Switch is only a year old yet already has 2 GOTY games. Name another console that 2 GOTY titles in one year? Didn't think so.

ShadowWolf712192d ago (Edited 192d ago )

I bought a Switch last week. Based on the lack of games I'm finding, I regret it. Golly gee, it's almost like that's not the opinion that solely belongs to blind haters. Not everyone's gonna love, or is required to love, everything a system puts out just because it's "new" or even because it's rated highly. I can't stand BotW for example. Least favorite Zelda game save maybe Skyward Sword. I enjoy Mario Odyssey but frankly it's a 7.5-8 for me just based on difficulty and length alone. And so on.

Idk why so many folks on here act like any criticism of Nintendo is trolling. And yes, Criticizing them for focusing more on interactive $60 cardboard than actual games is very legitimate.

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Bhai193d ago

Well Jaguar, I LOVE Labo, I think its genius and very, very well done... I'm all in for software prowess but 'SOFTWARE+MECHANICAL' models absolutely amaze me... its truly creative and unique esp as a toy, though I can't shake that feeling of such things being gimmicky at the end, hence I do agree with you that it should ADD UP to the whole package, instead of being just an overpriced package having an appeal just for under 15 year olds. Switch definitely need more, unique and fresh software outings!

trooper_193d ago

@TallonIV : That's nice. Still doesn't change my point but do you.

RainbowBrite194d ago (Edited 194d ago )

The exclusives are pumping up PS4 and Switch sales. By the way, most of those exclusives are mainly single player experiences... but I guess "It Is Difficult To Make A Triple-A Game Without Content Plan For 1 Or 2 Years" Right?

GaboonViper194d ago

MS just can't be bothered, Spencer and co have ruined the brand J. Allad and co worked hard to built.

193d ago
UltraNova193d ago

Septic this dude/ss^^^ needs an answer, where you at?

Bhai192d ago

Haha yeah, I heart his comments ;) :P

PhoenixUp194d ago

The other consoles fought for the PS4’s scraps that month

Rimeskeem194d ago

Remember when Spencer was the savior?

Yah, me neither.

Kabaneri193d ago

If anything he was the angel of death, sent by the higher ups to slowly kill off the Xbox brand.

UltraNova193d ago

More like MS's Trojan horse.

Mr_Writer85193d ago

But Nintendo have won 2018....or so say the Nintendo Fanboys and girls.

PS4 still the number 1 selling console, it has bigger and broader 3rd party support, and it's exclusive games are both rated highly and selling well.

But Nintendo have won 2018......

DrStronk193d ago

Does the majority of Nintendo fans say that, or does a clickbaity article from yesterday say so? Just asking, because i’m a huge Nintendo fan and I still think 2018 belongs to Sony. Every fanbase has fanboys, and some of them are very unreasonable whitout a doubt... but I don’t think we don’t need to look for excuses or reasons to put one another in a bad light.

UltraNova193d ago

Correct on all accounts.

Mr_Writer85193d ago


Fanboys (and girls) should be ridiculed simply for the fact that their brand loyalty is idiotic.

Preferring a console over another is perfectly fine. I prefer my PS4 over my Switch, and whilst I don't own an X1 (yet) I don't think anyone who only owns an X1 is stupid, just those who only own an X1 because they "hate" another company.

A Nintendo fan, and Nintendo Fanboys are 2 very different things.

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