Onimusha: What The Hell Happened?

Where the hell is the next Onimusha game?

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Sniperwithacause109d ago

I don't know where it is, but I'd buy it once it is released!

GrimDragon109d ago

anybody else think the character Samanosuke Akechi played by Takeshi Kaneshiro looks a whole lot like Adrien brody?.

trooper_109d ago

Please Capcom, plzzzzzzzz.

chaosblades109d ago

This was one of the games my friend's brother showed to us when he bought a PS2 (errr, that is Onimusha 1: Warlords) .
INCREDIBLE to say the least.

leahcim109d ago

One of my most beloved ps2 sagas...

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