Next Xbox Should Have VR Support, 60fps Support is Essential – PlataGO Dev

Super Icon owner Richard Hill-Whittall believes 4K is “becoming more essential now”.

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RainbowBrite194d ago

Agree, the key word is "becoming" not there yet.
Next gen, sure. In the next two years more and more people would get 4K Tv's. I read somewhere that the market is 14% now?

darthv72194d ago

Adoption rate for UHD sets seems to be moving quicker than it was for HD back in the day. Prices have come way down compared to a year or two ago.

angelsx192d ago

Ones 4K is affordable enough 8K will be the new goal.

dreue192d ago

When you have no games to talk about.....

Xavi4K192d ago

60fps and 4k should be the default settings for Ps5 and Xbox Next

The_Jackel192d ago

"Next Xbox Should Have VR Support"
thats funny i remember ms promoting xbox x with vr then it got taken off thr site and never spoken of again minus the typicle pr talk

shaggy2303192d ago

I think that's because VR isn't quite the "next big thing" that's was touted a few years ago. Even Sony admitted that they haven't sold as many headsets as they hoped they would.

I think that the other problem is that a report a few weeks back said that releasing a purely VR game meant that the game woudn't make a profit.

rainslacker191d ago

They also promoted Halolens AR, and mixed reality, yet it's nowhere to be seen, because apparently it's not big enough or practical enough for MS to support it on the Xbox yet.

For as little relevance as MS seems to place on VR, they certainly seem to be doing everything they can to distract from Sony's own VR offerings.

MS should support it next gen. If Sony keeps selling PSVR, MS will be behind with whatever they offer up. Nothing new for MS. They're often behind when it comes to getting into new technologies where they wait for others to do most of the hard work. This of course leads to MS more often than not being completely irrelevant to the field, and failing miserably.


As far as gaming goes, it's about the biggest advance in gaming immersion or technology we're going to see for quite some time. Better graphics are a given. VR will get advancements as technology improves as well, and as more people try VR, the more people that will be interested in it.

Having finally gotten a PSVR myself, I've found myself being more and more interested in seeing it grow than I have in the past when I only tried demo units.

mkis007192d ago

There is no such thing as 60fps support. 60 fps can be done on any console, Devs will always have to decide where to use the power.

HexxedAvenger192d ago

out of curiosity , why could the ps3 and xbox 360 hit 60fps and the pro and x1x cant?

uth11192d ago

they can. Developers prioritize eye-popping visuals over 60fps

mkis007192d ago

Uh some games do hold 60 fps on both...the devs decide what they want, not the console. Wolfenstein is 60 fps on both.

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