Kingdom Come: Deliverance patch 1.05 features over 200 bug fixes and newly simulated women clothing

Warhorse Studios has released a brand new patch for Kingdom Come: Deliverance. According to the release notes, patch 1.05 comes with over 200 bug fixes and newly simulated women clothing, as well as the ability to wash away your sins by buying indulgences in churches.

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Psychotica106d ago

Over 200 bug fixes? Released a little too early I would say..

ChronoJoe106d ago

Most games actually ship with hundreds of bugs that are known. Usually they're pretty low impact or difficult to trigger. Even older games that people hold in high regard like Super Mario Sunshine (a random example) feature 1000s of bugs.

DVAcme105d ago

That's unfair. Bad game mechanics are one thing, that's inexcusable, but bugs can be very hard to identify in open-world RPGs. The sheer amount of different possibilities and factors a player can affect in those makes it a very long process to be able to achieve them being bug-free. The Witcher, Bethesda RPGs, etc., arguably take more time debugging than developing.

capjacksparrow106d ago

The direction the industry has been going in, for years now (release first, patch later, also DLC), I'm surprised no video game journalists don't have a re-review section on their sites. For instance, this is what we thought then and this is what we think now.

ccgr105d ago

We don't have time to re-review, games should be functional when sold

Liqu1d105d ago

Re-reviews would only encourage the trend of releasing half-baked games.

capjacksparrow104d ago

I didn't say they should, I'm just surprised that they haven't. I definitely think the game should be completeness at launch.

Prince_TFK106d ago

This is one of the best games this year for me.

Smokehouse106d ago (Edited 106d ago )

Well. It’s time to play I think, I bought it day one but have been waiting for some patches.

Psychosious105d ago

Good lord, 200 bug fixes like 4 months out, wow