The 7 Greatest E3 Moments This Console Generation, So Far

Twinfinite writes "This console generation has brought with it some of the greatest E3 press conferences of all time. Here we're reviewing the moments that will live longest in the memory."

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Yukes194d ago

Sony's annihilation of MS with that used game put-down was my favourite in recent memory. Absolutely savage.

wonderfulmonkeyman194d ago

Yeah, that was pretty damned funny.
If Sony hadn't announced going Paid Online and no backwards compatibility directly afterwards, it would have been the absolute perfect storm of new-system-reveals.
Microsoft probably would have bowed out of consoles at that point, if Sony had made a big deal out of continuing to stay free of online multiplayer paywalls and paying respect to its 10+ year PS3 fanbase's huge collections of games.

Can you imagine that?
Sony: "In addition, this is how we play with friends online." *Sony just boots up a game and selects multiplayer, no sign-ins or payment screens*
Sony: "And THIS, is how we continue to allow you to enjoy all the great games you've collected thus far." *Sony just pops a PS3 disk of TLOU into the PS4*

I think Microsoft would have done a public apology right there on stage, at that point, if they weren't so ashamed that they'd slink out of the area as unnoticed as they could.XD

Sevir194d ago

Meh, those were expected... Backwards compatible via hardware requires the Cell processor on the PS4 motherboard... Software emulation requires part of the GPU of the PS3 onboard, both of which would have jacked up the price of the PS4... Backwards compatiblity is the ONLY talking point of the XBO because theyre aren't any compelling exclusives on the platform of late. And announcing multiplayer being tied to PS+on PS4 was natural... Money needed to be made to make sure the people knew they were serious about a multiplayer infrastructure was natural...

wonderfulmonkeyman193d ago (Edited 193d ago )

I still say that having an alternate SKU with PS3 BC inside it would have sold quite well, despite a higher price tag, because Sony's reveal was just that compelling.
They really should have done it, if for no reason other than the fact that there WILL be games on PS3 that people will have wanted to continue playing with a newer console.
Games that won't have ports on PS4 due to not being popular enough, or in some cases even remembered by the majority due to when they released and other games that may have overshadowed them from gaining anything more than a cult following.

As for multiplayer, PS3 owners spent THAT ENTIRE GEN making fun of Microsoft owners for having to pay.
And to be fair, they deserved to, because PSN, while not having literally every single matching feature of XBL, still had all the basics required for a great free online multiplayer function. [it's kind of hypocritical of them to be so accepting of it now, in hindsight, but that's beside the point.]

Sony didn't require a dime in subscription fees to keep that running.

I doubt they require it now; with the PS4's profit margin and all of the other things Sony sells, servers would hardly make even the tiniest dent in their enormous capital, and many of the things that came with PSN's upgrade were outside of the subscription, to boot.
They're only doing it because they know people will pay.
Just like Nintendo, and just like Microsoft.

It's a scam that all three of the big three are going all-in on, because they know gamers will pay for that online multiplayer if there's no other alternative for their favorite games.

Relientk77194d ago

Sony's 2015 E3 conference just as a whole.

- Horizon Zero Dawn
- The Last Guardian
- Final Fantasy 7 Remake
- Shenmue 3
- Uncharted 4

Just absolutely mind-blowing

The 10th Rider194d ago (Edited 194d ago )

Meh, I think the 2015 conference is really overrated. Horizon was amazing, but the Last Guardian, while good, ultimately was a bit of a disappointment. The AI that they'd spent so long working on didn't really improve the game and without it they probably could have launched the game on PS3 years ago. Still a good game, don't get me wrong, but it didn't really live up to Shadow of the Colossus and the whole idea of a creature that acted like a real animal didn't work out very well when it came to the actual gameplay. The Final Fantasy remake is still 3 years out, Shenmue 3 is a year out. Basically out of your list there was one great new announcement (Horizon), a great showing of a game we knew existed and we knew would look great (Uncharted 4), a title that we'd seen before and had been in development for a long time (The Last Guardian), a Kickstarter for a sequel to an old franchise that won't be out until 4+ years from announcement (Shenmue 3), and an announcement of a remake of a classic title that seems that it won't be out for 6+ years from announcement (Final Fantasy 7 Remake).

IMO their 2016 conference was possibly the best E3 showing of the gen. Spiderman announcement, God of War announcement, Days Gone announcement, new gameplay for Horizon, the Last Guardian actually got a release date, Crash remastered announcement, and a Death Stranding announcement. Plus most of the titles in the 2016 conference will be out before Shenmue 3 and The Final Fantasy 7 Remake that were announced at the 2015 conference, which is ridiculous.

oasdada194d ago (Edited 194d ago )

Wait where is crash, re7, god of war and the last of us?

Greymon93194d ago

That final fantasy trailer was off the wall