10 Ways Nintendo Can Dominate E3 2018

HPP: "With E3 just around the corner, people are beginning to speculate on what we will see at the show and who will have the best conference. Last year, to me at least, it was apparent that Nintendo had captivated their audience the best with their Direct. But can the big N replicate their showing from last year?"

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FallenAngel1984197d ago

Nintendo can make as many earth shattering announcements as they can, it’d still be impossible to dominate E3 without the majority of third party support behind their back

wonderfulmonkeyman197d ago (Edited 197d ago )

That's what people said during the Switch launch, too.
They still managed to do far better than they did with the Wii U; if Nintendo's good at anything, it's defying negative expectations when everyone's dead-certain that they'll never do good again.

I don't think we need to worry about "having the majority".
Nintendo's got ENOUGH of them behind them to deliver quite a few solid titles.
Especially RPG's from people like Square-Enix; there's a Tales title coming and I KNOW that's going to make a lot of Switch owners happy, if nothing else drops before then, not to mention Y's and others.

They've got just as much of a shot at "dominating" E3 as the other two do.
Crowd excitement and participation will tell the tale; last time I looked into which show floors were attended the most during the 3 days of E3, Nintendo has been either near, or at, the top pretty consistently.
With Smash coming to the show, that participation is basically guaranteed, and that's the iceberg's tip.

FallenAngel1984197d ago

Yeah Switch did better than Wii U, but it still didn’t dominate last year.

I’m not saying Nintendo can’t provide good enough experiences, I’m saying they still can’t have an overall lineup that overwhelms the competition without the backing of the majority of third party.

Kumakai197d ago

They could announce a real console. That would pique my interest.

superchiller197d ago

Way too late for that. That ship sailed a long time ago.