Hitman 2 Has Leaked Ahead Of This Week's Reveal

Hitman 2 has leaked on WarnerBros’ own website, ahead of its announcement later this week. Both the Hitman and WarnerBros Twitter accounts revealed that an announcement was coming this week, before gamers found Hitman 2 assets on the WarnerBros website.

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-Foxtrot195d ago

If it's Episode based again then they can count me out.

I just didn't think episode crap worked for this game and when it came to buy the full season I had moved on, other games were coming out. Never got round to it.

Darknova2077195d ago

I didn't like either. But when they released the full game on one disk, it was a pretty good game.

ClanPsi1195d ago

Oh, I completely forgot to check if it was finished. That's good news, I can finally buy it!

The_Jackel195d ago (Edited 195d ago )

its been nearly a year now since its been fully on disc :p maybe its been over a year i cant remember
atleast it will now be at a discount as well for you :)
i did the same though episodic isnt a full game breaker but id rather wait til its fully finished then buy it as one

porkChop195d ago

The story took a huge step back compared to Blood Money and Absolution. It was just a super short cutscene after each episode, and the plot never really went anywhere. The gameplay was top notch, but due to them experimenting some of the episodes aren't as fun or open as the others.

showtimefolks194d ago

I was about to ask how was the story. I really liked absolution so I am disappointed that the story and cut scenes are non existent

generic-user-name194d ago

"when it came to buy the full season I had moved on, other games were coming out."

Fair enough you don't like that episode stuff, I don't either, but this isn't really much of a reason not to play it when it did come out complete. Other games are always going to be coming out, they don't have expiration dates. A good game remains a good game.

-Foxtrot194d ago

Not really a good game when the story was shit, past games managed to have a decent story and good gameplay

It was a step back

Lord_Sloth194d ago

He just complains about literally everything. Best to move on.

P_Bomb194d ago

I feel episodes worked in this case as it played to Hitman’s strengths: hiding in plain sight stealth, on heavily replayable maps.

After the bad launch and Sapienza delay, maps started flowing more consistently. I worked each one over good before the next. What sucked was the lack of a platinum.

mark_parch194d ago

if it's episodic again that lends well to game pass. I wonder if it will be day one in game pass?

P_Bomb193d ago (Edited 193d ago )

I don’t believe non-MS published games go to game pass day one. Looks like WB has picked up distribution after SE parted with IOI, so I’d wager not. I don’t believe Injustice 2, Scribblenuts or Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2 launched on game pass.

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2pacalypsenow195d ago

Wait theres already a Hitman 2

SickSinceSix195d ago

I remember being really impressed by the way the cloth moved when you entered the confessional booth in that game.

twiggytree12195d ago

Yep, #2 was my favorite. I wouldn't be upset if it was a remake.

boldscot194d ago

Same, you're probably taking heat from the Blood Money babies.

GrimReaperGamer195d ago

Yes there was, it was called Hitman 2: Silent Assassin. Released on PS2, Xbox & PC in 2002 and Gamecube on 2003. That game automatically is better than this leaked new version simply because it doesn't require the player to always be connected online.

stefan_771194d ago

Good game despite a few truly awful missions

NarooN194d ago

Like the one snow mission which likes to glitch out and let you get spotted no matter where you are on the map even if you're in a disguise?

2pacalypsenow194d ago

I remember going to CompUSA and playing this and AVP

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DarXyde195d ago

Feeling much less enthusiastic about E3 with all these leaks.

I think it's going to overall disappoint at this juncture, unless they show surprises from the games we know about. For me, a big part of E3's allure is in the mystery.

GrimReaperGamer195d ago

Only leak that would ever interest me is a new Sega console.

Sega for life :)

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