PUBG: What Happened to all the Players? The Numbers with Marco

PUBG has lost many of its players. Some of the people who played the game just seem to be going elsewhere, so what are the numbers on PUBG? What happened to the one-time number one battle royale game? Marco Ross of will share his thoughts.

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corroios196d ago

the bubble burst and millions jump to fortnite or any BR free to play.

UltraNova196d ago (Edited 196d ago )

Constant performance issues, bugs, hackers, slow rate of additions/improvements, lack of limited time events, huge map that results in useless running with nothing happening (best part is when after 10 mins of running from the gas a sniper headshots you from half a click away....

All that plus the recent Epic 100million price pool announcement and boom people are leaving PUGB for Fortnite. Its not nuclear physics.

They need to fix performance, pump out more content (a lot faster) and do events. Or not, a ton BR games are coming and some of them are from the big league (Activision's COD and perhaps EA's Battlefield, even RDR2 might have a BR mode from the looks of it).

Adapt or die.

Brave_Losers_Unite196d ago

I think the biggest issue is the hackers. No one wants to play a game when it is impossible to win. Pubg is infested with those scumbags

combatcash196d ago

I agree my friend. Instead of wasting resources in a lawsuit they should use them in updating/improving their game.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen195d ago

Who wants to continue playing a buggy, glitchy, cheater filled game?

FinalFantasyFanatic195d ago

I can the genre getting over saturated in the next 12 or so months, if that's the case, PUBG will probably just fall out of relevance, especially if those games are done well enough (and most likely will be).

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rainslacker196d ago

PUBG spent too long making more content. Game is still pretty light on content, despite the addictive and fun nature of the game. But it gets boring playing the same content over and over without much variety.

Other than that, it's just natural attrition as other games come around. Not all games are going to hold all their players indefinitely, even the popular ones, and I think a lot of people who played for a while were also just seeing what all the hype was about, and many probably moved onto Fortnite, and others will move onto the next thing when it comes out. But I think Epic will be better about making new content to keep people invested in it.

Bluehole should be happy they could cash in as much as they did. Maybe now, instead of talking about how others are copying them, they can focus on using that money to make more content to remain competitive.

combatcash196d ago

Epic updates fortnite every week they do a fantastic job, and the building keeps things interesting. But I can also see how building can turn people off.

antz1104195d ago

Lol we're all on Fortnite getting constant updates.

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crazychris4124196d ago

Tired of dealing with poor design, crappy servers, hackers, bugs galore and running across the map for 25 min only to die because you have to sprint into circle just to get picked off by some guy with a kar98.

Srhalo196d ago

This was my complaint from the beginning.. at least in part. I never liked the idea that most of the time you get gunned down by some dude who is camping someplace with a sniper rifle you never even get to see.

At least in Fortnite you almost always at least have some sort of gun battle before you die.

Z501196d ago

It is a survival game though.

morganfell196d ago

"It is a survival game though."

But the odds are heavily stacked against players coming across the map. There are always some players that feel the game screwed them regardless of the situation. But most people know when something is fair even when they lose. Suddenly it isn't luck, or skill but rather who got there first. Remember, its a survival game not a racing title.

Kabaneri196d ago

They went over to a game that surpassed PUBG in every way.

TheColbertinator196d ago

Still seeing people on Steam but things are... quieter.

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