The Greatest Console Wars of All Time

There was a lot of awesomeness that came pouring out of the '80s and '90s video game era, but none drips with nostalgia more than the famed console wars. From Atari v Intellivision to Nintendo v Sega and more, hardware duked it out for system superiority. So let's take a look back at the most heated skirmishes.

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strayanalog169d ago

For me, the #1, will always be Nintendo vs. Sega. That's the benchmark of a console war. So many underhanded and/or aggressive advertisements. These guys meant business. No pats on the back, no congratulations, just a line marked "Do Not Cross."

"Sega Does What Nintendon't." Yes, like leave the console market.

strayanalog169d ago

Ha! Oh, how could anyone forget that! While I played with Power some other gamer played with Blast Processing.

Geobros169d ago

Yes!! Nintendo vs Sega was always the best console war.

DivineAssault 169d ago

It was a great time to be alive on the playground back then.. I always kept nintendo around but i loved Sonic, Streets of Rage, Toejam & Earl, etc.. Sega was nintendos only true rival. PS vs XB is lame.. They get the same exact multiplats

FallenAngel1984169d ago

The PlayStation vs Xbox console war is the longest ongoing war that may never see an absolute resolution like previous console wars have after one generation

SegaGamer168d ago

I hate them all, more now than ever.

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