NVIDIA’s CEO claims that we won’t see the next generation of GeForce gaming cards for a long time

DSOGaming writes: "I’m pretty sure that a lot of gamers are looking forward to NVIDIA’s next generation GeForce gaming cards. However, and according to NVIDIA’s CEO Jensen Huang, we won’t see the new generation of GeForce cards for a long time."

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Teflon02165d ago

Good wanted to buy a 1080 or a 1080TI and now I don't need to worry thinking a new one would replace it weeks after I buy it lol

Teflon02165d ago

To an extent. I don't believe this "long time" thing, but it makes me assume it'll be next year. Even if it's Jan lol. No way will it be much longer then that at max

ImGumbyDammit164d ago (Edited 164d ago )

Well, they are public traded company and as the head of the company, he has particular knowledge of current plans. If he is making a false public statement it can affect investment and doing that knowingly is against the law. He made a broad definitive and absolute statement. Those that don't have insider knowledge (which again is illegal to trade on that knowledge), have to rely on such statements and other trends to determine their actions in investing. That is why statements like this are taken seriously by investors and carefully not misleading by a CEO. So yeah, if he says it isn't coming out for a long time and it comes out this year (even 12 months time can be argued in the fast past of tech world can be seen as not a long time) he can be sued by investors (like myself who attribute their investments moves on such statements) and SEC (on its own or complaints by investors/institutions) can investigate him and Nvidia for fraud. There many cases of investors little and big suing and winning by far less and heavy fines by SEC for making false statements.

RedDevils164d ago

ImGumby did mention a date in a long time quote? NO! He can release is after 2 years or maybe less. No one can do anything to them, as long as they don't release earlier their previous card. Which I assume is what he meant.

starchild164d ago

This is what happens when there isn't strong competition in an industry. If AMD had managed to be a little more competitive Nvidia would have likely already released their next series of cards by now.

In any case, I don't believe him. "A long time" is such a vague and relative term it can mean almost anything. Obviously he doesn't want people to stop buying their current GPUs, but I'm willing to bet new Nvidia cards are only a matter of a few months away. We're already way overdue for them and there are rumors indicating they are not far off.

Tapani164d ago


You are absolutely right. Keep writing from the business perspective! Need to get rid of the disinformation and other fan bullcrap and childish opinions. I'm with you man!

Razzer164d ago (Edited 164d ago )

"He made a broad definitive and absolute statement."

No, he made an entirely ambiguous statement. There is no definitive, absolute definition of "long time from now".

jmc8888164d ago (Edited 164d ago )

Rumors are out that it'll be August. It's been 2 years man already. I wouldn't believe him or you're going to be sorry. Pay full or more than full price for 2 year old tech. No way. Bad purchase. You've waited this long, what's a couple more months for something that could drastically be better, with far superior tech like possible ray tracing support?

He's just talking up his current product because prices have fallen from mining implosion and wants them to actually sell. Not to mention those higher prices the miners caused might have raised the MSRP of the new generation to come... so they probably want to keep the prices as high as possible.

The new ones are likely hitting production right around now. Probably August-Sept for Nvidia ones and Sept-Oct for the 3rd party ones.

It's like why Sony isn't talking about PS5... because they want you to buy a PS4.

frostypants164d ago (Edited 164d ago )

I do. GPU sales are nuts right now, partly due to crypto mining. From a business perspective they don't *need* to release a new gen if they the current ones keep selling at a constant price point even as manufacturing costs decline. The market for powerful GPUs is huge now and market saturation takes much longer than it used to, which means the introduction of new gens is likely to slow.

Dee_91164d ago

so basically what you're telling me is that now is the time to buy stock? Because the nvidia cards currently in stock are about to sale more because of this "statement" and then shortly thereafter, when they inevitably release their new cards, all the poor saps who just bought "new cards" will complain for a minute, then cave in and buy the new cards.. then rinse repeat. It's genius! I mean thats what I got from your comment.. because there is no way in h3ll you would win in court with that argument.. I think i read in between those lines correctly right?

"broad definitive "
That's an moron sir.. an oxymoron.

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tontontam0164d ago

NVIDIA CEO: Good I tricked the people wanted to release gtx 1180 asap and now I don't need to worry about the unsold gpu's in stock.

ravinash164d ago

With all the crypto mining, i don't think they need to worry about stock.

jmc8888164d ago (Edited 164d ago )

With the crypto crash, yeah they do. Miners are flooding the streets with these cards. Notice they aren't $300-400 over MSRP anymore? GTX 1070's aren't 700-800 dollars anymore.

Hungryalpaca164d ago

When I bought my 1080 nvidia announced the TI a couple days later and boom it was on shelves. I couldn’t return the card either. I was so mad lol.

Teflon02164d ago

lol That's the kind of thing I'm afraid of. That really sucks

blacktiger165d ago

That's what they all say, and then next thing u know, next generation is coming out in the next few months. That's how fast technology we are pacing.

WeebLord165d ago's not.

Vega didn't force their hand and the cards are still selling. They have ZERO incentive to replace the 1000 series of cards, along the entire product line from the 1050 to the 1080 TI they hold the value/performance lead.

jmc8888164d ago

The 1070 and 1080, which is what the 1170-80/2070-80 would replace are OVER 2 years old now.

Sure they have incentive. To keep sales high as miners unload theirs from the crypto crash. They have the old cards, Nvidia can sell the newer, better ones. Plus all the people that bought cards 2 years ago who want to upgrade.

Lots of people want to maintain their games at the 120-200 fps their monitor/tv support, and/or want to play in 4k/60 or higher.

They've already waited 2 years, they aren't going to push it back to 3 unless it's involuntary. Most of the people who aren't miners already have a 1070/1070ti/1080/1080ti. I'm not buying another one. Neither is anyone else that already has one.

This is simply about selling the stock of cards they already have as the new ones are most likely going into production.

FinalFantasyFanatic164d ago

Personally I don't feel that technology is moving as fast as it should, and it only really seems to move when someone forces the others hand.

GameBoyColor164d ago

Technology has really stagnated on the gpu and memory side because of price gouging. One done by miners and another obviously done by manufacturers for whatever reason.
At least cpus/apus is pretty fun right now with amd hitting back hard against intel while intel then goes to fan it's own flames lol.

FlyingFoxy165d ago

It's rubbish, 1 - 2 months they will very likely be out.

WeebLord165d ago

No, if they were that close we would have already seen the cards showing up in benchmark databases, we would have seen spec sheets, or gotten some evidence from memory suppliers.

Computer hardware is the leakiest consumer electronic, if the cards were coming the evidence would be there and it just plain isn't.

FlyingFoxy164d ago

Please tell me how you can get any timeframe from "A long time".

A long time can easily be a couple of months, might as well have said how long is a piece of string.

morganfell164d ago (Edited 164d ago )

Exactly WeebLord. Right now Nvidia is focused on several commercial products that will eventually lead to home consumer cards but we just aren't there right now and if we were the unavoidable signs would have reared their head.


Its going to be some time. I would say a good while will pass before we get news. People are going to have to wait a bit, possibly a ways down the road.

jmc8888164d ago

No, we've heard rumors that it'll be announced in August. If true, it's still early enough to where that stuff will leak out in the coming few weeks, sometime this month or next.

This GPU generation is already over 2 years old. By then it'll be 2 1/3 years old and almost 2 1/2 years old by the time the market is flooded by them. This would already be their longest time frame between generations and there has been no word of any sort of tech issues preventing any new generation launch.

The miners are flooding the markets with their used products, it is a great time for them, because anyone who wants to upgrade, could buy a cheap used 1070 and then they might not need the new GTX 2070. These next few months is a perfect time to launch.

porkChop164d ago

They aren't facing any real competition from AMD right now, so they don't really need to release new cards. They can keep selling the 10 series and not have to worry about anything until AMD decides to launch their next series of cards.

TheUndertaker85164d ago

AMD is looking to launch new variations by the end of this year

porkChop164d ago

That's talking about their CPUs. But yeah, AMD will launch new GPUs this year. But until then, Nvidia doesn't have to do anything at all.

LandoCalrissiano164d ago

Because you need you something better than 4k 60? And if the crypto miners are happy with the cards then there's really no reason.

tontontam0164d ago

because 4k 120hz monitors are coming.

Rippcity164d ago

Exactly why I put off buying a 1000 series card. If I'm gonna make the jump it's gonna be when cards can do 4k 100+ hz easy.

FinalFantasyFanatic164d ago

4k is a struggle as it is, plus we need the technology to trickle down for next gen console when they're ready.

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