The Red Dead Redemption 2: Special Edition, Ultimate Edition and Collector’s Box

Today we're pleased to announce details for the Special Edition and Ultimate Edition of Red Dead Redemption 2, along with extra pre-order bonuses for all three versions and a unique assemblage of real-world collectibles inspired by the game.

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Neonridr167d ago

I was wondering why the Collector's Box was so cheap. Then I realized it didn't come with the game and that was a separate purchase.

Garethvk167d ago

I had figured since GTA Online is loaded with Microtransactions it would happen. To be fair, they are not required to play and enjoy the game. You can still have a lot of fun without spending money beyond the initial purchase.

DemonChicken167d ago

R* going Ubisoft style with their editions :/

Palitera167d ago

Yeah, you just have to forget about making proper progress into the game.
Or admit the loss and pay for progression as their game designers wants you to.
Or just grind like a maniac.

Completely optional, for sure.

getbacktogaming167d ago (Edited 167d ago )

Am I mistaken in believing those microtransactions will only affect multiplayer and not singleplayer?

(I am being selfish here as I only care about single :/ )

Garethvk167d ago

I think that may be likely. Usually they do not alter the campaign much and let you go nuts online.

JackBNimble167d ago (Edited 167d ago )

You have to grinde no matter what, you can buy all the in game money you want but you still have to unlock everything.

And I personally have never spent a dime on shark cards in GTA and I don't plan on it in RDR2.

MT'S shouldn't effect single player and if you are smart enough you shouldn't need them for multiplayer. You just need to be willing to play the game and grinding is part of the game. So if grinding ain't your thing.... well, I don't know what to tell you.

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-Foxtrot167d ago

Steelbook dosen't even come with it...hell you need to buy the edition below it just to get a steelbook

Not to mention the steelbook isn't even that good. Once again a lazy steelbook design with the "Red Dead Redemption II" logo slapped on it

Look at this concept art steelbook that a creative guy called @_Nickkemp (or Noodles on HiDefNinja) did for his portfolio.

Neonridr167d ago

so much nicer, definitely. Although is the steelbook that Rockstar show 100% the final one included? I guess there is still time to change it before release.

BadElf167d ago

Yeah, was so pumped for a moment. THen realized that

Crazyglues167d ago (Edited 167d ago )

Holy Shit... what's this.. and it gets announce right before E3 wow... RockStar has no chill.. RockStar taking all the shine. ...LoL This is going to be the only thing on gamers mind for the next few days.. Which one do I get. :)

I guess I'm going to have to go reg. and just get the war horse and 500,000 thou GTA money... nothing else really interest me, the chest looks cool and the steel book is ok, but I'll just go reg. digital...

Ceaser9857361166d ago

Need a quick suggestion guys Shall i go for Digital Ultimate edition? I am sticking to Digital so there are 3 editions what do you guys think?? Standard, Special or Ultimate

Neonridr166d ago

depends.. do you care for all the extra goodies?

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81BX167d ago

Ps4 is the lead console then?

Garethvk167d ago

I would think so. The best selling one right now and word was that Sony was easier to deal with then MS was back in the day.

OB1Biker167d ago

Well it was announced a long time ago that there's timed exclusive content.

81BX167d ago

Idk why I was under the impression MS had marketing rights... well hopefully there isn't timed exclusive crap. Can't stand that.

The_Jackel167d ago

but its ok to lock some story stuff behind pre orders *slow clap*

81BX167d ago

Some story stuff? Like what?

KillBill166d ago

@81BX - did you not read the campaign story additions for alternate editions of the game?

Psychotica167d ago

I am going to get it for the PS4 but it's so odd why they ignore the PC considering they released GTA V on PC.

Tankbusta40167d ago

Didn't they release it years after? Probably the same with this.

Psychotica167d ago (Edited 167d ago )

That could be, but they never did release the first RDR on PC for some strange reason. Besides why not just come out and say they will release it later for the PC?

getbacktogaming167d ago (Edited 167d ago )

@Psychotica I've been wondering the same thing i.e. why doesn't Rockstar come forward and announce their plans for the PC... They did the same with GTA V if I remember well where there was +/- 1 yr between the announcements of PS3/X360 versions, then enchanced PS4/XO, then PC... Effectively making 3 releases of the same game within 3 years. I wonder how many hardcore PC fans started with last gen versions, bought the game again on current gen and a third time on PC? Maybe I'm being silly but Rockstar is toying with us :P

Tankbusta40167d ago (Edited 167d ago )


I don't know Rockstars methods but I would put my money on it coming to Pc in the future and probably be re released on Ps5 and nextbox... Especially if they are going to have a multiplayer like fives that continues to rake in the cash.

getbacktogaming167d ago

If not RDR2 I would bet that'll be their strategy for GTAVI!

Profchaos167d ago (Edited 167d ago )

Rockstar never launch pc titles alongside console.
If they make a pc version it will probably take another year.

Max payne 3 was the only game that launched nearly in the same window on pc

Prince_TFK167d ago

So that they can *encourage* you to buy the PC version again for better graphic and mods, just like GTA V.

smolinsk167d ago

Funny thing, for me it's a reward to start with nothing, more fun challenge then having all that stuff from the start, the more cheap I get the game the more fun it sounds, for me that is..

FullmetalRoyale167d ago

Same here. Getting that code for some items in The Evil Within 2, I’m thinking “why would I want this when I’m buying a survival horror game?”
Hah I guess some people like it though.

showtimefolks167d ago

Only thing are the story missions included in $79.99 I most likely will get that because I don't want to miss any part of the story

FullmetalRoyale166d ago (Edited 166d ago )

Dude, if you think they’d make you miss *out on “the story” unless you give them twenty more dollars, and you still give them your money, that says a lot about your money making decisions.

-Foxtrot167d ago

I like the fact there's a lack of uproar considering the big edition comes with no game...not even a steelbook

If this was EA, Ubisoft or Activision there would be hell on

gangsta_red167d ago

How is this possible? Is there at least a code it comes with to get the game digitally?

-Foxtrot167d ago

Nope. If you want to get the game with the steelbook (you are getting a CE, of course you want the Steelbook aswell) it will cost you £179.99. It's f***** ridiculous.

The excuse is because it will be cheaper for localisation if they don't have to include a game in it since they would have to change the language of the text on the back of the box.

Why not have it so the game comes but you get to select your version in the check out and the game comes separately, at the same time but just out of the box.

Profchaos167d ago

I think it's crap so I'm not buying it. I'm actually going to get the standard edition despite being a huge fan all the pre order bonuses can be obtained with a little work

The_Jackel167d ago (Edited 167d ago )

i think its bs, im either going standard or special edition. why not just tack on more of a price and atleast sell the collectors box edition with the game even if it is digital.
also "81BX
well hopefully there isn't timed exclusive crap.
Can't stand that" but no mention of the whole pre order to unlock some sp content whoops im sorry what did they call it "exclusive single player content" when i seen they are locking sp stuff behind it and its not like outfits ect it actually made me pissed off

Prince_TFK167d ago

Because Rockstar makes better games than any of those devs you mention. So they kindda get free passes for most of the things they do.

-Foxtrot167d ago

Not the point though is it...don't give a shit how good the games are, it's still a disgusting practice which shouldn't be over looked because how good their games are.

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