PS5 News: God of War director Cory Barlog talks PS4 Pro and PlayStation 5

God of War looked incredible even on a base level PS4. But how does the game's director feel about working on a whole new console?

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I_am_Batman167d ago (Edited 167d ago )

I get where he's coming from but at the same time you'll never get the same kind of excitement for an incrementally upgraded console such as the PS4 Pro compared to next gen console built from the ground up. It also limits the architecture because everything has to run on multiple versions of the console. That's why the PS4 Pro and the Xbox One X only got a minor CPU upgrade.

The thing is that AAA game development takes a long time nowadays. On older generations a dev team could easily make 2, 3 or even more games on the same console before next gen arrived. They always had time to learn and get better with every new title. Now a game can take 5+ years to develop so some devs won't get the chance to create more than one game per console generation.

Being with Sony surely helps with getting early access to PS5 dev kits and insider information on the hardware involved though. Not to mention that the first party studios can always exchange their experience and help each other out. Looking at how God of War turned out I'm sure he'll be able to adjust to the next gen hardware if he gets to work on a new IP for Sony Santa Monica.

glenn1979167d ago

Agreed it takes to much time to develop a AAA game this days, I dont know that will ever change look at Red dead redemtion 2 almost 10 years thats crazy and the all the millions of dollars come to play the pressure to deliver must be insane

Omnisonne167d ago

A matter of quality or quantity, you can't have both.. Complex titles like GoW, RDR or HZD take an ungodly amount of effort to make. While you have other AAA's, mainly sports games and the likes of CoD that are churned out on annual basis, and often make slight changes to last years' title instead of building it from the ground up.
I'd personally prefer waiting long years, especially knowing that there are so many game studios these days, you'll never run out of something to play.

Babadook7167d ago

Seems like new hardware is the opposite of exciting to Dev’s.

KwietStorm167d ago (Edited 167d ago )

They weren't actually developing RDR2 for almost 10 years.. That's just how long ago the last game came out.

Sevir167d ago

The time and budget for AAA games sky rocketed during the PS3 era which is partly why those consoles lasted 8 years before Next Gen came out to market. And the scope of games will continue to grow for game Development with AAA...

But the rate of sequels first party sequels are similarly the same on PS4 as they were on PS3... Insomniac released a game every year since the PS3 released. Naughty Dog released a game every 2 years with the uncharted series after it debuted and the Last of Us came at the end. 2 years after U3...

On PS4 Insomniac released Released Ratchet and Clank and are bringing Spider-Man 3 years apart. Naughty Dog released The Last of US, U4, Lost Legacy in the span of 4 years...

Killzone Shadow Fall and Horizon released 3 years apart. And a full 15 hour expansion launched that same year.

Japan Studio has put out a new game every two years since launch on PS4...

The bigger the team the greater the capacity to pump out multiple games within a short time. But new IPs will always be more complex and take time to build out a new system of mechanics.

Rockstar has been more about quality over quantity and they've been spending the time they take to create new games because they typically release high quality games. When they do.

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EverydayGuy167d ago

Usually take that long if you are building a new IP or a new engine, but after that should take 2-3 years for sequels.

Shiken166d ago (Edited 166d ago )

The PS5 is likely coming in 2020, so that would add up if it is to be a cross gen launch title, or even a PS5 exclusive.

n1kki6167d ago

That's weird, I have been incrementally upgrading my PC since the 90s and have never missed a game other than console exclusives, which is why I still buy consoles. It this type of generational thinking that actually holds games behind.

kevnb167d ago

i was actually more excited for the pro since it was designed for people like me. The last few years of last gen pretty much every game was having frame rate issues and the graphics felt very dated. This gen I feel like im gdetting the experience I want thanks to the pro.

Slickrickda1166d ago

I totally agree with you but, make no mistake about it these devs will make a game and already be in pre-production with their following game if not working on multiple games simultaneously. Theses devs and console companies tend to provide a lot of smokescreen to the general public just to buy themselves time for their next big projects. Regardless of what consoles we can expect next generation these devs are working on IPs now and will port them over to the gen as well.

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meka2611167d ago

Guessing and hoping that this will be a ps5 launch title. And we can finally continue the story, because the ending makes you want more.

Grown Folks Talk167d ago

Gotta let us hit up Asgard & the other locked realms.

meka2611167d ago

Damn skippy plus the spoiler at the end was like, "oh, let's do this!" Lol

KwietStorm167d ago

So mission accomplished then

milohighclub167d ago

I dont mind incremental upgrades but there comes a point where they're gonna have to cut off the ps4, have the games run a cross pro and 5 as long as the pro doesn't hold back ps5 or have ps5 exclusive games but have compatible architecture and os so it's a natural transition for devs (not having to relearn the system) and ps4 games run on ps5 with a quick patch for res and frames.

DivineAssault 166d ago

Do you honestly need to question this? Mark Cerny went on a mission to reinvent PlayStation hardware with X86 architecture. PS5 will indeed run PS4 games. The pro will not have any exclusive titles base PS4 cant run. Its a luxury mid gen refresh for people with higher end TV set ups. PS5 will render both the base & pro obsolete when it releases. Who knows? There might be a PS5 pro thats 8K but either way your games stay with you moving forward. All tied to your PSN account & it will run the discs as well. Why am i so sure? Because Sony has always done BC. This time was an exception due to the fact PS was originally a proprietary Japanese designed console.

milohighclub166d ago (Edited 166d ago )

Yeah I do need to question it when more and more we're hearing that incremental updates are the future and sony's focus on remaster's. Who knows when the cut off point will be. I know the pro won't have exclusives, everyone knows this. What I'm curious about is whether they'll cut off the 4 and have pro be the base level console with ps5 games running on the pro as a base system. This time wasn't an exception ps3 didn't have bc... I know the first model did but they cut that pretty quick. So outta 4 consoles only 1 had bc throughout its cycle.

DivineAssault 166d ago

They will not continue to support the pro when the base PS4 is finished. These claims your making are microsoft outlines if anything. Theyre the ones who said theyre moving away from generational moves & the xb1x is the console you need to be questioning. In a couple years youll be at the store and see xb1x & possibly a next gen xbox. How much i wonder. $500 now for the X so the next one will be even more. BTW my PS3 is a launch edition 60GB version that plays PS1-PS3. They made revisions but it was BC

milohighclub165d ago

I'm not making any claims, just asking question. Tbh I couldn't give 2 shits what Microsoft are doing. I've been a sony gamer since ps1.
I wouldn't be 2 certain man, it would be good business to continue supporting the pro as it will be cheap and a way to shift those who ain't ready/cant afford a ps5.
Yeah like I said at launch it was. But they cut that early in the life cycle. The ps4 reads ps3 disks, they could have read the disk and offer the game as a download providing you had the disk inserted. But they didn't. They opted for remaster's. I'm not doubting the 5 will play ps4 disks I was just stating that about the architecture because I'm the article he states that new gens aren't fun for developers because they have to relearn the system.

DivineAssault 166d ago

This guy is a superstar now. After his peers saw the incredible work he & his team did, I bet everyone wanted to know more about how he accomplished it.