Devil May Cry 5 Domain Registered By Capcom, Resident Evil 2 Domain Updated

Capcom has registered the domain for Devil May Cry 5 ahead of the upcoming E3 2018. This adds to a growing list of evidence that suggests that a brand new Devil May Cry game will be announced soon.

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MoshM75d ago

If Devil May Cry 5 isn't PS4 exclusive, expect downgraded gameplay and graphics. Potential cash grab.

TheOptimist75d ago

One of the cancerous cells of N4G presented to the public right here.

MoshM75d ago

Sony & Nintendo won't let you ruin this industry. Just look at the best looking game of all time (nothing on expensive PCs come close) God of War.

Get rekt. Cry in a corner. Exclusives have more ambition. Just a fact.

Snookies1275d ago

Calm down man, that's not true at all. The gameplay, direction and story matter a whole lot more than whether the graphics look as great as possible. Or that it's exclusive to one console over another.

Let's just be thankful it's not a continuation of the DmC reboot.

Eiyuuou75d ago

DMC4 was multiplat and had the best gameplay of the series.

jeremyj291375d ago

Most of it was from DMC3 tho and the weapon variety was lacking.

Movefasta199375d ago

most of it was from dmc3, YES Einstein they evolved it from their previous game because they are allowed to do that. You say it as if dmc3 isnt a dmc3 game.

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rpvenom75d ago

I'm a sony fan boy and I cannot agree with this statement.

TheCommentator75d ago

Agreed, and I'm labeled an Xbox fanboy. Exclusivity doesn't make a game better, 1X will have the best graphics (not downgraded), and Capcom isn't doing it as a cash grab because most of their games are multiplatform anyways.

WitcheRivia75d ago

If Devil May Cry 5 isn't PC exclusive, expect downgraded gameplay and graphics. Potential cash grab.

MoshM75d ago

Pc has no triple A exclusives lmao

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Kubark75d ago (Edited 75d ago )

I really, really can't wait to see both of these in action. I just wonder when, exactly, Devil May Cry 5 will release.

VsAssassin75d ago (Edited 75d ago )

I tried the DmC demo before it came out, and as much as I tried to have an open mind playing it, it just didn't click with me. I thought the gameplay wasn't as fluid as its predecessors' and the level design was a bit too bombastic,

On-topic: I am excited for a proper Devil May Cry sequel, and, of course, for the RE2: Remake. If Capcom announces a new Onimusha title for the current gen, I would flip!

jeremyj291375d ago

A new Onimusha is all my friend and I keep talking about. I was secretly hoping that Deep Down was just gonne be turned into a new DMC or Onimisha. Lol

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