Playstation 4 E3 Leaked Titles, Fallout 76 Skewedcast

This week Gareth, Michael, and Justin at Skewed and Reviewed look at the reveal of Fallout 76. They also discuss the leaked PS4 titles from the pending E3 showcase and discuss Dark Souls: Remastered and PAX West tickets going on sale as well as no theatrical presentation at E3 for Black Ops IIII.

Dark souls remastered 3:25
Fallout 76 6:30
Sony E3 leaks –
Additional game rumors 19:47

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john416110d ago

I’m so torn on fallout 76 I would love another game similar to new Vegas but it doesn’t sound like it. At the same time it’s fallout and I’ll wanna play it either way but I may skip it if it is going the way of what the “leaks” are saying.I’m just hoping it ends up being more new Vegas style than what these “leaks” are saying.

Garethvk110d ago

I think it is safe to say it will likely not be like the others. Free to play has been kicked around but likely an online aspect.

--bienio--110d ago

If it’s online I will skip this:( sadly

Garethvk110d ago

I think it will be key in what they do with it. Free to play online only is one thing but a game that allows co-op and team play has potential.

kneon110d ago


I see lots of opportunity for some kind of co-op game. You could have a team build a settlement, scavenge the wasteland for resources and then defend against waves of attackers.

showtimefolks109d ago

It's not online because Bethesda current engine won't allow deep online modes

It might have some online aspects but I don't see a online only fallout game

Lighter9110d ago

Let's just wait until E3 until we make a judgement call. It's a week from now. One of the leaks I heard was ghoul-elephants that escaped from a zoo. They can't all be real.

Bobafret110d ago

Dang, and I was interested in ghoul elephants.

CurbStompin110d ago

This is a fallout survival game.

-Foxtrot110d ago

Bethesda - "SavePlayer1"

***6 Months Later***

Bethesda - "Online Fallout"


joab777109d ago

It’s a service game. Look at the money ESO is making. Why make another ES right now? It will be some type of survival mmo of sorts is my guess.

3-4-5109d ago

I've never played a fallout game but I've known of them since the 90's. Always kind of interested me but never enough to play.

I actually am interested in this one.

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Cmv38110d ago

Not sure why people are so opposed to multiplayer fallout, I think it's a great universe to co op in . Now if it's PvP functionality, not so much. plus it doesn't sound like this replaces the existence of a fallout 5 down the road, and I wouldn't doubt if another developer is working on a new Vegas line spin off. Let's just breathe, and see how this turns out.

Garethvk110d ago

I would like a multiplayer version.

getbacktogaming110d ago

A traditionally single player franchise is releasing a new game this time with a multiplayer focus... It doesn't matter what Bethesda does in the future; right now a bunch of people are naturally feeling disappointed.

Cmv38110d ago

I hate change as Much as the next person, and yes single player games matter, but if this industry doesn't have diversity and franchises door change things up every now and then things become stagnant and die off.

getbacktogaming110d ago

Fallout has plenty of room to evolve as a single player... Bethesda just wants a piece of the multiplayer pie.

OneLove110d ago

People need to get over it. It seems like a spin off and it's just the Sony fans mad that multiplayer is the real money maker.

IndieFolk109d ago

Yeah, because "people" were totally expecting a sequel that soon. /s

They just made something "people" were not waiting for, then if "people" aren't interested in it, they should just skip it and wait for Fallout 5 within 5 years as they were doing before Bethesda announced 76. SMH.

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IamTylerDurden1110d ago (Edited 110d ago )

I'd rather a New Vegas style game than an ESO "Fallout" edition. If they want a mp Fallout why not do New Vegas 2 but with drop in/out co op? Make a Fallout side story like New Vegas, but with co op similar to Borderlands.

Fallout does indeed have an interesting world, but so did Elder Scrolls. Do we really want Fallout turned into a f2p, MT ridden style game?

Cmv38110d ago (Edited 110d ago )

And that idea sounds great, that could be similar to what's going on here. My point is people are panicking at the very thought of multiplayer. Let's condemn if bad not based solely pin multiplayer.

KwietStorm110d ago

People are opposed to multiplayer anything. There are some gamers who strangely despise anything online related, and there are some gamers who say single player games aren't worth the money. For some reason it seems more and more rare to find people who just enjoy both, on the internet anyway.

DerekTweed109d ago

No friends to play online with?

(Not you. The people who hate multiplayer)

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Garethvk110d ago

That is what so much is focused on now. You have game that are designed as eSports first in their design priority.

Gwiz110d ago

That and streaming,it's the ultimate advertising.Just look at sports and advertising in general.

Garethvk110d ago

So true. You have all sorts of talking head celebs popping up who do not even play the games just talk about them.

FinalFantasyFanatic109d ago

But how many of these games are competitive enough to be eSports? If I remember right, Dissidia NT wanted a piece of that pie and it kinda flopped. Even newer games like Street Fighter aren't as balanced as they should be for competitive play. People can stream for the sheer spectacle which I'm fine with (especially single-player games), but it's hard work and alot of time to get a game down pat for the purpose of making it an esport.

cfc83110d ago

I though a fallout MP would be impossible ?

Garethvk110d ago

We will see in a week but it will be interesting.

FinalFantasyFanatic109d ago

I can see it working best as a co-op like Monster Hunter, not sure how PvP would work without frustrating players though.

Tobse110d ago

Make Fallout like rust and see how they climb in the Top 10 steam Charts

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