God of War Director Says That Preventing Leaks For The Game “Nearly Killed” Him

Cory Barlog noted that the process was excruciating- but that, thankfully, it did end up being something that the team was able to stay on top of.

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Septic197d ago

I really feel for these devs who have to work hard not to have stuff leaked in their games. Sounds like a massive headache and with the size of dev teams these days, its always hard. Luckily GoW didnt really suffer that badly from leaks apart from the street date being broken for the retail copies of games.

UltraNova197d ago

Leaks are a common thing these days, its so easy to put things out there now that everyone is connected. All we can do is to look away as soon as we spot one. As for people like Barlog all they can do is run a tight ship and hope for the best. But lets not forget that intentional leaks are a thing to.

KwietStorm197d ago

Unfortunately, dummies with their little "look at me" YouTube thumbnails and titles couldn't care less about spoilers.

zeuanimals197d ago

Got a certain, major reveal spoiled cause of that...

AlphaCentyros197d ago

I think I know which one you mean. For some reason it was always that same videoclip with a thumbnail of the final boss fight that showed up in recommended videos. YT really should have an active anti-spoilers team taking down those videos.

DialgaMarine197d ago

That’s the nature of the beast, unfortunately. You pretty much have to avoid the internet for the couple leading up to any major game launch.

remixx116197d ago

Yeah i screwed up watching a review for gow on review abd instantly my recommended was flooded with spoiler heavy thumbnails and titles, i was so pissed!!!

AmUnRa197d ago

I will give you a hint...NEVER look at "reviews" on YouTube, infact dont even read reviews on gamingsites, i never do that. I want a fresh and new look at the game and go in with zero info ore reviews..

Liqu1d197d ago

Final Boss was spoiled because of a thumbnail.

Smokehouse197d ago (Edited 197d ago )

Lol I turned off notifications, that crap popped up on my phone by someone and I wasn’t even subscribed to them! *bling* all Z footage.... 😒😒😒 really ninja?

nowitzki2004197d ago

I had a spoiler sent to me in a PM on N4G by stevivor. GOW seems to have gotten hit more than most games with people trying to ruin the game for other people.

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bluefox755197d ago

I'm glad he did it though. Someone did a fake spoiler here on N4G a week before release, and I was so mad, lol.

abstractel197d ago

Reason I dislike E3 leaks too. After leaks, publisher X gets accused of failing to reveal anything new because 1-2 weeks before there was a leak revealing that they game would be unveiled there.

Take Rage 2. That would have been an awesome E3 surprise. It was still an awesome surprise, but come E3 people are going to watch Bethesda's conference and when they see Rage 2 it's no longer an E3 reveal. Hopefully they have plenty of other surprises in store.

-Foxtrot197d ago (Edited 197d ago )

Thats what bugs me aswell...I know it's not their fault but when I sit down and I know the reveals because of leaks, leaks by the way which are plastered everywhere online gaming related that you can't evade, I don't feel that satisfied even though I know that this was supposed to be a big reveal

I don't know why studios and publishers don't do a shit load of fake game rumours, made up ones and control the leak narrative rather then seeing it controlled for them. More fake leaks you put out with some good detail, the more people will shrug off the real leaks.

thatguyhayat197d ago

Instagram right now is full of rumour leaks, its why im staying off all social sites

OB1Biker197d ago

That makes me think of Bloodborne leaked video just before E3. I've seen people say they found Sony E3 disappointing while they don't realise Bloodborne reveal was the megaton

DialgaMarine197d ago

I feel like that’s an understatement. The fact that they kept the BoC under the wraps until the game launched is insane, considering how pretty much everything under the sun gets leaked months ahead of launch these days.

SickSinceSix197d ago (Edited 197d ago )

The ESRB rating mentioned "double-chained blades" last year.

DialgaMarine197d ago

True, but it was still taken with a grain a of salt, and it didn’t reveal that the blades would have such a huge role.

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