Switch vs PS4 – VGChartz Gap Charts – April 2018 Update

April 2018 is the 14th month that the Nintendo Switch has been available for. During the latest month the gap grew in favor of the PS4 during the same time frame by 2.05 million units when compared to the Switch during the same timeframe. The PlayStation 4 is currently ahead the Switch by 1.50 million units.

The PlayStation 4 launched in November 2013, while the Nintendo Switch launched worldwide in March 2017. The Switch has sold 16.67 million units, while the PlayStation 4 sold 18.17 million units during the same timeframe.

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PhoenixUp196d ago

These are the most interesting charts on the site

mkis007196d ago (Edited 196d ago )

This should be a sign of what I said from the get go. By having 2 excellent games in the Launch window, Switch borrowed sales from its later years. There just isn't a big enough reason for an under powered console to succeed in a way the Wii did. How many non-kids have the time to use it in portable mode? It will be successful, but we are talking 80-100 million tops because it has Nintendo games. The lack of main-line multiplayer games and multi-platform releases are the 2 irreplaceable pieces Nintendo is missing. To this day it is my Zelda and Stardew valley machine.

Daisysnow 196d ago

It also lacks power. I found fire emblem warriors two player couch play.. Well, unplayable. They cut down on enimes and the frame rate drops. I won't be getting hyrule warriors due to the fact it probably has the same problem

Vegamyster196d ago

None of Omega Force's warrior games have been running well on any platform, Dynasty Warriors 9 drops below 30 fps with no action happening on both PS4 Pro & Xbox One X for example.

The 10th Rider196d ago

But Smash and Pokemon hit this year, both of which are bigger franchises (from a sales standpoint) than 3D Mario and Legend of Zelda. Next year there's a mainline Pokemon and we could see a 2D Mario or a Mario Kart 9 . . . Those are Nintendo's three biggest franchises. By 2020 it'll be about time we should see another 3D Mario or Legend of Zelda title launch.

getbacktogaming196d ago

I would love a port of Mario 3D World or a sequel... Local coop in a 3D platformer was amazing

shinoff2183195d ago

Smash Bros and Pokémon bigger then mario and Zelda wtf

That's insane to even read. I'm just gonna say your way off man

GameBoyColor195d ago

How is he way off shinoff? It's a literall fact that pokemon crushes both zelda and mario in sales and smash does very well in bringing people to buy consoles.

The 10th Rider195d ago (Edited 195d ago )


Smash Bros Melee: 7M
Super Mario Sunshine: 6.3M
Winner: Smash Bros

Super Mario Galaxy: 11.4
Super Mario Galaxy 2: 7.6
Super Smash Bros Brawl: 12.9
Winner: Smash Bros

Super Mario 3D World: 5M
Super Smash Bros for Wii U: 5.1
Winner: Smash slightly edges out 3D World despite launching a year later

Pokemon sells far more than Smash Bros and Zelda sells even less than 3D Mario. How in any way am I "way off"? The only time 3D Mario sold more was on Nintendo 64, and that's when Super Mario 64 was pretty much the console's essential game and Smash Bros was just making a name for itself.

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3-4-5196d ago (Edited 196d ago )

Your kidding right? Borrowed from later years? There is going to be another 3D Mario game and already confirmed to be working on the next Legend of Zelda game for over a year now.

Games sell consoles, and Switch will have certain types of games you can't get anywhere else and that has a value to it.

Switch is going to keep selling and selling. Pokemon averages about 12-14 million in sales for each copy of the game. There are two.

Pokemon in 2019 will sell even more than 2018's lets go pikachu because by then there will be that many more millions of people with a Switch.

Smash, Fire Emblem, Pokemon will all sell a lot of copies as will some other games.

Also forgetting that Nintendo is back in the business of creating new IPs again so we will get some new games in 2019/20 that we didn't even know exist at some point.

3rd party support will be was for the 3DS, and that transfers over to Switch as a lot of those dev studios are making the transition over to Switch games.

But now the Switch gets the 3DS developers + console developers who make games for PS4 & XB1 & PC as well.

They also get mobile devs too.

All the types of developers who make games can make them in interesting ways on the Switch as a console and handheld game and you can't get that elsewhere in the same way.

Switch will be fine.

* Also one last thing: "It lacks power" ??? So did the PS2, but it had a ton of great games so it sold well...well that + dvd player.

Daisysnow 196d ago

Only game I had a problem with was the one I mentioned. They probably shouldn't have even put it in the game as an option. For the most part, I love my switch and it has the power to run what it needs to.

shinoff2183195d ago

Ps was the best on the market. Just like the ps4 is today. Sure those games will sell well, but they won't touch ps4. You read in the time frame the switch has been out the ps4 has outsold it by 2 something million that won't stop

mkis007195d ago (Edited 195d ago )

The Switch is selling well, but the run-away hype has slowed down if the ps4 has already outpaced it .

Wii had certain types of games too and the dropoff was pretty bad in its later years. That gimmick was a one and done.

Gamecube also had games you couldn't get elsewhere... how many consoles were sold?

I hope Nintendo does strike gold again with a new ip...they seem to be almost as unwilling as Xbox to do something 100% new.

When I say 3rd parties, I mean the heavy hitters. Red Dead 2, Fortnite, Overwatch, COD, Battlefield, Battlefront, Assassins Creed, etc... Games that power a console even if I dont enjoy half of them that doesn't lower their overall power to sell consoles.

Which also leads back to multiplayer...sure there will be some, but the big ones are missing.

Pokemon will certainly have an impact which is why I said 80-100 million tops.

I never said it wouldn't be fine? My comment was commenting on this article which shows the ps4 outpacing the Switch in the same time frame.

* PS2 wasn't a generation weaker than the other consoles that were out at the same time, in fact it launched first.

Dragonscale195d ago

@345, the PS2 may have lacked power but it had great 3rd party support unlike switch currently. If this continues switch won't come even close to PS2 or PS4 figures.

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IRetrouk196d ago

100 million would be fantastic!! It would only be the 4th(or 5th if the ps4 keeps going) home console to hit that number!!! A much bigger deal than you made it lol

mkis007195d ago

I was never implying it would be a failure, I was just stating my opinion that its early sales speed was a false start.

IRetrouk195d ago (Edited 195d ago )

Yes you did!! you originaly implied 80-100 million was ok but not brilliant, then changed your comment after mine, its ok to be wrong sometimes mate, not a big deal. No need to edit to try and make me look silly or like my comment came out of nowhere, 80-100 mill would be fantastic numbers for any console!!

mkis007195d ago

I don't edit my opinions. I edit spelling mistakes.

If you have to lie your opinion means less than nothing to me.

IRetrouk195d ago (Edited 195d ago )

Not at all you downplayed the number without thinking!! Then changed how you put stuff , all i did was tell you how good 100 mill would actually be, i have no love for nintendo, dont even own anything made by them but even i can see how well that thing is gonna do.

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Akarogg 196d ago (Edited 196d ago )

Idiotic comment. No time for handheld? You work 12 hours every day nonstop?

mkis007195d ago

If I'm at home why would I use a portable console? If I'm driving how am I supposed to be playing? Where exactly would a non-kid use it in portable mode? The switch's 2 selling points are portability and Nintendo games. You remove one and the sales power goes way down. I would personally have liked a separate sku that didn't have the screen and had more power.

Also: Grow up.

Akarogg 195d ago

So you only stay home when not working, good to know

mkis007195d ago (Edited 195d ago )

Party, Bar? Ya lets bring my gaming device and see how cool everyone thinks I am...jk that would be so lame.

Actually I'm curious, where do you use yours outside the house? Assuming you aren't a kid of course.
When I go out I do things.

Akarogg 195d ago (Edited 195d ago )

Travel, in the park, waiting (for whatever), vacation, in bed, work (sometimes) Heck, the cafeteria now and then AND on the TV

mkis007195d ago (Edited 195d ago )

So when I'm driving (traveling) I can't use my should probably stop too.
Waiting where? Where do you wait for enough time to warrant bringing your Switch along?
On a vacation you bring your game system...yikes...why even spend the money on a vacation if you just do what you did at home? I can't really see the appeal of that while on vacation.
In bed counts as at home...huge tv to play it the way its meant to be played.
At work...well I can't really see myself pulling it out on a 15 min break or 30 min lunch.

...seems like a lot of self-inflicted isolation at times one should attempt to break away. I'm 27 so It can't be that I'm just an old timer.

Just so I'm clear the console is perfect in docked mode. MY point is that a lot of adult owners don't use it as a portable.

Akarogg 195d ago

Please show me the statistics. Listen, you're not a versatile guy, you're rigid and one sided. But versatility is one of the key selling points of the Switch. If you want to use it as a home console like you do, you can do that, if you want to use it as a handheld, you can do that too. You clearly have a huge bias against handheld gaming for some weird reason, but millions of others do not, and that is why the Switch is appealing to many different kinds of people.

mkis007195d ago

I get that but without the missing pieces sales will stagnate after year 3. Hence 80-100 million. About as successful as the ps3/360, but not the second coming of wii.

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Geobros196d ago

Nice article. So.....Switch is very close to PS4 sales the first 14 months. Just to remind that PS4 release a November month, so that means in those numbers we have 2x sales of December month, when the numbers are very high.

ABizzel1196d ago


No the numbers for PS4 were high because it didn't have a global launch like the Switch did. The PS4 launched in NA in November and EU in December, while the Switch launched globally in March.

TBH those "2 holiday seasons" don't mean anything when you can't benefit from a true boost in holiday sales until your second year, because your console launched in the first one.

Holiday console launch (PS4 / Wii / etc...):
Launch in the holiday season, sell out, and have to wait 365 days for their next official holiday season to sell at that level of inflation again.

First Quarter console launch (Switch / 3DS):
Launch early that year and have the chance to sell out (which Switch did). Then they double dipped and sell out again in the holiday season 8 - 9 months later (which Switch did).

Which is where the title of fastest selling console came from, and now that Wii and PS4 are entering their first true holiday inflation sales period, they've passed the Switch. Switch will likely take back the positions in 7 months when it gains the benefits from it's second holiday, and PS4 will take back that position when it enters it's 2nd official holiday inflation boost 12 months from now. At the same time the DS will shoot pass the Switch with the launch of the DS Lite, and the Wii will always be ahead because of the Switch going forward.

Majority of consoles: 1 period of inflated sales in their first 365 days
Switch: 2 periods of inflated sales during its first 365 days

The holiday argument doesn't benefit the Switch at all, because out of all the fastest selling consoles it's the only one to "benefit" from having both it's launch and first holiday season in the same year at different times of the year allowing it to maximize the sales for that year.

That being said Switch is still doing great.

Theknightofnights196d ago (Edited 196d ago )

You say the exact same thing in almost every single thread (I even see you in VGChartz threads), but what you don't understand is that the first weeks launch sales aren't the entire holiday supply. December and January are still part of the holiday season too and provide a big boost to hardware sales. You actually see this in the chart. Switch did great for it's first month but had a dramatic slowdown it's second month, meanwhile the PS4 continued selling in large numbers throughout.

I'll say it again too, why does every console maker launch their console during the holiday season in western markets if launching in March would be more lucrative? If what your saying was true and they received inflated sales from launch + holiday, then more console makers would launch their consoles during those months. The reason they don't is because the holiday season provides the biggest boom for large purchases as well as the most amount of games to choose from (increased software sales) in western markets.

All-in-all this is the second PS4 holiday season, not the first "official" one.

ABizzel1196d ago (Edited 196d ago )

"December and January are still part of the holiday season too and provide a big boost to hardware sales."

First January has never provided a big boost sales literally drop 1/5 from December, and the only console to sell over 1m units in January has been the PS4 and that’s because it had no competition in sales starting 2014 and consistently sold over 1 million consoles since fall 2014.

What you an many other neglect to realize is a console launch is limited to the number of consoles that can be created. You can't sell 10 million consoles to 10 million waiting customers if you can only produce 5 million. That is the handicap of ANY launch, and why a holiday launch DOES NOT MATTER.

A holiday launch offers no extra benefit over a Quarter 1 launch (which is tax season in the west). But a Quarter 1 launch can be beneficial, because of launch sells inflation and in 8 - 9 months the consoles first holiday sells inflation all happen within the same calendar year.

ABizzel1196d ago (Edited 196d ago )

"You actually see this in the chart. Switch did great for it's first month but had a dramatic slowdown it's second month, meanwhile the PS4 continued selling in large numbers throughout."

Because Switch launched globally it's first month and had no stock left for April to sell until the end of the month when Mario Kart came out, because Nintendo couldn't produce enough devices. Which again proves my point that a launch and the following months are determined by your production cycle.

Meanwhile The PS4 sold well throughout the holiday, because unlike the Switch it didn’t have a global launch. It sold well in November because it launched in North America. It sold well in December because it waited to launch in Europe. There was no huge jump in January, sales dropped significantly, and picked back up in February because it launched in Japan. Sony spread it’s production across 3 regions over 4 months which is why it did well for 4 months. Nintendo gave everything they had the first month, then restocked when their big IP’s launched to generate a sales need for consumers.

ABizzel1196d ago (Edited 196d ago )

"Also, why does every console maker launch their console during the holiday season in western markets if launching in March is more lucrative?"

Simple. Because it allows them to get better pricing and production yields on the hardware that goes into the console specifically the CPU and GPU components for MS and Sony since they tend to use at the time, current-gen hardware in their consoles. AMD and NVIDIA generally have spring/summer announcements for their new hardware which means production is ramped up summer/fall. Back in 2013 AMD’s upcoming GPU lineup was the RX 200 series, which is what the PS4 and XBO are based on (PS4 RX 270 -2 compute units @ 800 Mhz, XBO RX 260 -2 compute units @ 853 MHz). Those graphics cards didn't releases until October 2013 which meant AMD had to produce millions of their brand new GPUs to sell on their own in October, but also to build the APUs for the PS4 and XBO in November. Hence why the mainline consoles release in November, it's the earliest they can get the appropriate hardware they need for their console because they used current-gen mid range GPUs.

Handheld like devices use older hardware, the Tegra X1 had been available since Summer 2015, and the Switch didn't release until March 2017. There was no need to force a holiday launch, because the hardware they used had been available for over a year, and Nintendo has no competition in the handheld market. PS4 and XBO at the time they were direct competitors. So launching as soon as possible mattered to prevent a price war advantage to their competitor. Nintendo has no direct competitor in the handheld market, so again they could launch whenever they wanted.

Now flip that and answer the same question, why has Nintendo launched the 3DS and now the Switch in Q1 instead of the holiday season?

ABizzel1196d ago (Edited 196d ago )

"The reason they don't is because the holiday season provides the biggest boom for large purchases as well as the most amount of games to choose from (increased software sales) in western markets."

There's no denying the holidays inflate sales, BUT NOT AT LAUNCH (outside of software), because again there is a limit to the hardware that can be produced at launch. I'd give you the argument on software, but again at launch even those options are limited, and using that logic, any console/game not coming out during the holiday is simply because they don't want to compete because they might lose sales, which it is and why Sony does it with their exclusives (but you'd argue that as being smart of Nintendo if this was a discussion in another thread, because it would fit your narrative there because how you just stated that makes Nintendo sound bad).

It's the same thing with the Switch, it launched with what could be produce, and then struggled the following month until the tail end, because they couldn't meet a global market need.

HOWEVER, they were able to meet the need for their holiday season just 8 - 9 months later, where they were able to get the full benefits of their first holiday and sell 6m units over those 2 months, on top of the near 3m units the Switch sold at launch.

Consoles that launch in the holiday season DON'T GET THAT BENEFIT UNTIL 365 DAYS LATER when the holiday season rolls around again. Yes it's their second official holiday season, but it's the first holiday season that can truly take advantage of the sales inflation.

Switch sold 2.33m in it's first full month (globally).
Then sold 1.81m Nov. 2017, and 4.55m Dec., so overall 6.36m the same year for it's first holiday season.

XBO sold 2.62m in it's first full month (1 mo NA & EU, no JP not that it mattered), which was it's first holiday.
Then sold 2.46m Nov. 2014, and 2.28m Dec., so overall 4.74m the following holiday.

PS4 sold 2.97m in it's first month (1 mo. NA, 2 weeks EU, no JP), and totaled 4.19m 2 weeks later aka it's first holiday.
Then sold 2.86m Nov 2014, and 3.20 Dec., so overall 6.06m the following holiday.

Again Switch launch 2017 2.33m, first holiday 6.36m.

PS4 and XBO launch 2013 aka first full holiday 4.19m (1 mo. EU, 1 1/2 mo. NA, No JP) and 2.62m (1 mo. NA & EU), then nearly 365 days later their 2014 holidays are 6.06m and 4.74m.

One more time:

Launch: Switch 2.33m, XBO 2.62m, PS4 2.97m
First holiday: Switch 6.36m, XBO launch 2.62, PS4 launch 4.74m
First beneficial Inflated holiday: Switch 6.36m, XBO 4.74m, PS4 6.06m

Should we continue this discussion, or is the point made?

Theknightofnights196d ago (Edited 196d ago )

Okay, I'm not going to read all of that. You've posted way too much for me to have a casual conversation about this.

Zeldafan64196d ago

Don't write a novel in the comments and expect people to read it.

The 10th Rider196d ago


You do realize the reason for staggering the launch in different countries is so that more can be shipped to certain countries . . . In this case NA and EU saw the launch first because they benefit the most from a holiday boost. Just because a company staggers a launch doesn't mean they produce less than the company that didn't, lol.

ABizzel1196d ago

@zeldafan & Theknightofnights

If you can't have an intelligent conversation then, there's no need for you to comment to begin with. You could have casually skipped right pass this, but when there's no rebuttal against sound logic you can't do anything but walk away.

OB1Biker195d ago (Edited 195d ago )

Thanks for interesting comments.
It illustrates that comments are not just about 'winning' an argument by any means similar to politics like some people seem to believe but the discussion can be interesting regardless.

Theknightofnights192d ago (Edited 192d ago )


I'm perfectly capable of having an intelligent conversation, but I'm not invested enough in the conversation to read a novel. Try to be more succinct and we can have a better conversation. Otherwise there will be a lot of people who lose interest.

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shinoff2183195d ago

You also had sold out stores which didn't help sales number if people still were trying to by them. Here in the u.s. Nintendo had the benefit of people getting back income taxes. Horse a piece

mkis007195d ago

IDK about that logic. A November launch meant the ps4 had to deal with a launch and a holiday in one meaning the sales were bottle-necked. Switch had its launch and then the holiday so I see them more as being equal feats considering those circumstances.

DialgaMarine196d ago

It’s gonna be back and forth for a while, but Switch is going to slow down like 3DS did. PS4 is pretty guaranteed to come out on top by a few dozen millions of units.

getbacktogaming196d ago

With a price cut and portable only smaller model (like Japan) the Switch could sell multiple units within the same homes... Like DS/3DS. The switch is targetting two markets at once ... I know I am going on a limb here :P but it's kind of like PS2 and PSP sales were counted as the same...

mkis007195d ago

Well the ps4 is due for another price drop this holiday season. A standard $199 and even less with deals is going to be pretty hard to pass up.

CaptainObvious878195d ago

I still don't understand the appeal of the switch at all.

Maybe if it was priced appropriately, according to it's weaker hardware.

DialgaMarine195d ago

It’s Nintendo’s first ever “handheld” that holds Nintendo’s current standard for console graphics, ie Nintendo’s current top tier work is releasing on it instead of a partner console.

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