How Assassin's Creed Odyssey Can Improve Upon Origins

After several unsubstantiated leaks, Ubisoft has finally come out of the shadows to reveal Assassin's Creed Odyssey. Going by the previous leaks, it's going to be a direct sequel to last year's Origins. Let's see how Ubisoft can improve upon it.

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ziggurcat197d ago

One thing they could do is not design the game around microtransactions like they did with Origins.

SoulMikeY197d ago

Except they didn’t.... I didn’t even know they were there. lol

ziggurcat197d ago

They did, actually. They removed the passive method of generating money like they'd done in just about every other AC game, there were expensive loot boxes, they put treasure maps that were previously available from in-game merchants behind a paywall (not even for in-game cash - helix credits, which were only available for real money), helix credits were no longer acquired from missions like they were in previous AC games, etc...

A lot of the design was geared towards leading people into buying their gold/helix credit packs for real money. You could grind for gold to get loot boxes for some of the gear only available through helix credits, sure, but that could take you weeks to get the item(s) you wanted.

starchild197d ago (Edited 197d ago )

I don't care about any of that optional stuff. I didn't even notice it and I enjoyed the game a lot. Saying they designed the game around it is disingenuous as hell.

ziggurcat196d ago (Edited 196d ago )

Oh, please explain how it’s disingenuous. Why was there no means of passively generating revenue? Because they wanted you to buy their gold packs. Why was there no means of gaining helix credits to get some of the rarer weapons? Because they wanted you to buy their helix credit packs.

And so on...

EpicFruityPie197d ago (Edited 197d ago )

they didn't design the game around it in fact you don't need to buy anything and can get almost every thing in the game for free with enough time and the chest from the daily
generating money is a problem?
do you take the time to loot everything cause I do and have too much money so....

ziggurcat196d ago

Yes they did. Just because you could technically get everything without paying extra, it doesn’t mean there wasn’t an attempt to lead people into buying into their MTs. The amount of time you have to grind is disproportionate to the amount of money you generate. They even patched the game so that you earned *less* money for the lion pelts people were farming to try to generate enough cash for the Heka chests.

I put in nearly 200 hours into the game. I looted everything that I came across, and yes... generating money was a problem.

ziggurcat196d ago

They did. Everything they removed/put behind a paywall in Origins was done to try to get people to pay for their MTs.

notachance197d ago

we'll never get mainline AC in asian settings aren't we?

showtimefolks197d ago

Sucker punch are working on it

starchild197d ago

That's not Assassin's Creed though. Ghost of Tsushima looks amazing, but it will probably play very different than Assassin's Creed.

I'm extremely happy we're getting a game like Ghost of Tsushima, but I still want to see the Assassin's Creed series go to feudal Japan.

Ceaser9857361196d ago (Edited 196d ago )

Don't worry AC will go Feudal Japan soon. After Ancient Greece I am expecting Ancient Rome next or could go Feudal Japan.

kingeliran196d ago

pretty sure it will be more like dark souls then AC

196d ago
kythlyn197d ago

If the map is going to be littered with several hundred question marks again, I'd just like to see more variety in the activities at those locations.

I'd also like it to be a bit more fun to explore the open world in a sandbox sense. GTA games are really good about making it fun to just explore randomly and get into mischief, but in AC games, the player is pretty much always beelining towards the next objective or point of interest.

showtimefolks197d ago

Ubi learned somewhat with FC5 their games have a history of filling maps with average content and the good/great content is lost in the shuffle

warriorcase196d ago

I felt the FarCry team didn't learn anything with FC5. They make a joke of not having to activate towers to find the outpost and hunting spots but then just have the world full of outposts and hunting spots without towers. The start was awsome but I ultimately found it to become repetitive for my personal taste. To each is their own though.

showtimefolks196d ago


Doesn't surprise me it's ubi after all. To them players shouldn't complain and accept whatever is being offered and say thank you

NewUser101197d ago

Make the open world worth exploring and go back to being stealthy. Origins was wayyy more of a action based experience.

goldwyncq197d ago

Origins rewarded stealth more than any of the other games before it. Tackling a fort head on almost always results in Bayek dying.

EpicFruityPie197d ago

you have to option of stealth or not I personally prefer games with the option cause forcing me to do stealth and only that I quit I find stealth so boring in games like MGS etc

DialgaMarine197d ago

I’m gonna finally pick up Origins, after this got confirmed.

jagermaster619196d ago

lol smart choice it's an awesome game!

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