Sony Offers Free Theme to Celebrate Pride Month

The PlayStation Nation is a massively growing group of gamers that encompasses a multitude of gamers with different religious, political, and sexual preferences. Today marked the start of Pride Month and Sony has released a theme to celebrate.

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Bobafret135d ago

Not to mention just plain hideous.

Smokehouse135d ago

yeah somebody needs queer eye for their theme design.

Gwiz135d ago (Edited 135d ago )

I'm pretty sure even gay people think this theme is gay XD

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-Foxtrot136d ago

Oh that's pretty cool of them.

-Foxtrot135d ago

What’s wrong

It’s just a pride thing, how’s that bad?

Some closed minded people on here it’s sad

RainbowBrite135d ago (Edited 135d ago )

They are insecure boys

Elda135d ago

As seeing some of the negative comments here I pretty much agree.

morganfell135d ago

It's sad actually. It means gay people haven't arrived. When you've arrived that means no more special treatment, no more special themes, get in line like everyone else and no more throwing your I'm different card on the playing field.

FunAndGun135d ago

Hey morgan, people can still be fired in certain states just for being gay. So no, we haven't "arrived". Does that mean no more St. Pat day or Irish parades? I mean have they "arrived" haven't they?

Atticus_finch135d ago (Edited 135d ago )

Some people have very delicate masculinity. A colorful theme not aimed at them could arouse them too much LMAO.
@Morgan You have alot to learn homie.
Arrived!? Why say it like that?

MadMax135d ago Show
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Elda135d ago (Edited 135d ago )

It sure is,a nice gesture.

MAULxx135d ago

Here we go with the big "Diversity" nonsense.

FunAndGun135d ago

I know, you guys sure are offended.

Eonjay135d ago (Edited 135d ago )

The whole anti diversity nonsense is getting old. There is more to life than social justice and bigotry. Be grounded. Using SJWs to hide your bigotry is really lame at this point. Let's pretend that we all live in a world where we are all exactly the same and get mad whenever someone reminds us that we aren't. So childish and weak.

SenorFartCushion135d ago

Yeah, that IS pretty cool of them :)

That's all, no horrible people calling it out as "wrong" because they aren't getting any attention - for once

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Fullmetalevolust135d ago

It looks really cool, caught my eyes the moment I saw it. I hope it has a fun theme song. It has a nice retro vibe too.

ShottyatLaw135d ago

Same here. It's clean and colorful, free, and it's not related to a movie or game. I'll grab it for sure.

morganfell135d ago

I was hoping the theme song would be YMCA.

FunAndGun135d ago

Why, then you wouldn't complain? Doubtful...

morganfell135d ago

I'm not complaining. Its a joke. YMCA was practically the gay national anthem when it came out. Persecution syndrome much? I just don't think any group needs special treatment. Being equal means you get treated like everyone else but so many in the gay rights movement actually do not want that. They want all the same rights as anyone else and yet still be elevated. Nope. I'm not buying into that part of the rainbow parade and when that becomes the theme then its time to start running those floats off the road, end the parade and get back to living.

gwumper987135d ago

I (male) found this funny, so did my boyfriend.

Aclancy83135d ago

I won’t be downloading this personally but I have no issues with it and either should you. There are plenty of other sjw/pc shit to hate on, this is fine and if you were a gay gamer you would most likely love to have this theme.

MAULxx135d ago

Stop telling others what they shouldn't have issues with. That's gay :)

MadMax135d ago Show
CaptainObvious878134d ago

Whoa! Did you just use "gay" as a pejorative??? I'm triggered!!...

... Is what I would say if I was a sjw. I would also say this new sony theme isn't inclusive enough because I need to be perceptually offended to show everyone how morally superior I am.

MAULxx134d ago (Edited 134d ago )

I don't like to be brash about things but I'm just getting sick of the BS. People telling me how to think & behave when their own thinking is so sick & twisted. Then, they label me because I don't adhere to their fantasy land bubble view imaginings. ? Really, WTH?

ChickeyCantor135d ago

> gay gamer

christ, what is up with the labels?
Why would I call myself a "gay gamer" lol

franwex135d ago

Maybe some gay gamers already have a cool theme or find this one ugly. Just because it’s targeted doesn’t mean they have to love it.