State of Decay 2 Patch 1.20 Detailed

State of Decay 2 Patch 1.20 aims to fix a significant number of issues including performance problems, bugs, glitches and more.

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Direwolf484195d ago

Seriously! Pretty comprehensive list of fixes though.

Aceman18194d ago

Proves they should have delayed the game, and the scores are warranted as they stand.

KillBill194d ago

@Aceman18 - proves you have never played the game.

Aceman18194d ago (Edited 194d ago )


I love when play go straight to that line when valid points are made lol, it also proves to me that most of today's gamers will accept games in any manner.

This is why MS had no problems releasing these last two games the way they were.

Also if I still had my X1 I would never spend my money on this game lol

bluefox755194d ago

@KillBill Does that prove everyone else that gave it a low score "never played the game" as well?

No Way194d ago

Aceman18 - IF you no longer own an X1 - AND you would NEVER spend money to buy this game.. then why are you here other than to be a twat? Seriously, though. What reason would you have to be here other than to try and annoy people when you have NO interest in this game?

C'mon, "gamer," grow up..

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Nu195d ago

Good I've been waiting for a patch

mark_parch194d ago

so glad they have fixed the white line across screen when driving, I also noticed the door glitch a few times. I really hope they concentrate on getting a stable frame rate on xbox one x next but this is a good start

mandingo195d ago

I’ve had a few problems but game is still extremely playable. Pretty fun game after thinking it wouldn’t be

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YEP414195d ago

This game is so much fun!!! Addictive

mark_parch194d ago

to be fair just like the first game it runs like shit but like you said it's so much fun, I've already got over 60 hours into it and can't wait to jump back in after work

conanlifts194d ago

Just started another playthrough. Time for a new legacy.

81BX194d ago

Just spent 4hrs with my friend lol

Ausbo194d ago

Yeah it’s great. No problems for me aside from a couple of minor bugs. I experience must worse in bethesda titles, yet those games get 8s and 9s!

mark_parch192d ago (Edited 192d ago )

Ausbo That's a fai point. hopefully word of how fun sod2 is will spread, I'm sure there's loads of people out there that would love it but have been put off it by the review scores. to be fair I wouldn't have picked it up if I hadn't played the first game and I managed to persuade a friend to get it who was put off by review scores and he's absolutely loving it

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