Devil May Cry 5 keeps leaking, this time with a new retailer listing

With all these new leaks, Devil May Cry 5 seems a certain bet at E3. And now a new retailer listing only serves to further confirm that.

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RuleNumber5198d ago

Bet this shows up during Sony's conference.

gangsta_red198d ago

I hope this is true. Would really like it if Platinum was involved and they included Bayonetta for a team up.

Kashima198d ago

Let them finish Granblue fantasy relink and Bayo 3 first.

gangsta_red198d ago

Granblu what??

I say do it all, they seem to have enough staff for multiple projects.

SSj4Yagami197d ago

No, they're trash now. Keep them away.

showtimefolks197d ago


Agreed I think they can do the combat some justice

gangsta_red197d ago

No doubt considering this is the old Devil crew. Not to mention Hideki(so) stated that he would live to do a crossover.

DivineAssault 197d ago

We'll see how it turns out.. Capcom is coming back swinging.. Resident Evil 7 (maybe remake of 2), Monster Hunter World, Street Fighter anniversary, Mega man 11, this.. Onimusha hopefully.. Ghost of Tsushima might scratch that itch though

SSj4Yagami197d ago

RE7 is fps garbage, SF Anniversary is missing too many versions, and MM11 looks low budget.

Platformgamer197d ago

megaman 11 seems cool and not low budget, but i agree with the rest, expecially resident evil 7, what a disappointment

CorndogBurglar197d ago

1. RE7 is the furthest thing from garage. Yes its first person. But it's the closest thing to the originals than we've gotten since RE4 came out. It's hardly FPS garbage. You rarely have enough ammo to fend off enemies and it has all the tropes from old school RE games.

2. Don't know much about SF Anniversary. I played those games enough when I was in my teens. Inhave no interest in them now.

3. Mega Man 11 is supposed to look low budget. Mega Man 9 & 10 did too. It's done on purpose to capture the feel of the old games.

DivineAssault 197d ago

RE7 was a great game even though i prefer 3rd person.. The remake of 2 should be just fine. SF has the main games so im happy for $40.. MM11 is a $30 game and a sequel to a franchise going back decades.. You should be happy we're getting even 1/2 of this stuff.. With the way this industry is going, companies are ditching these games for serviced based MP titles.

Heavenly King197d ago

RE7 sucks as a RE game, but still is a good game. Just like DmC sucks as a Devil may Cry game, while still being a good action game.

CorndogBurglar196d ago

RE7 is a great RE game. Literally the only difference from the originals is its first person instead of 3rd.

And no zombies. But Resident Evil games were never about zombies. Anyone that thinks that is missing the entire point. It was always about the form of mutated monsters. The zombies were just the very first form of their experimenting. And let's be honest, in all the original RE games the zombies became nothing more than something to run right past as soon as you started seeing tougher enemies that you wanted to save your ammo for, like the Hunters and Lickers.

Blu3_Berry197d ago

Can't wait for Dante to return to kick some demon butt.

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