It Took Me 17 Years to Play Halo — and Now I Love It

Depriving ourselves of a good game because of a bad reason is rarely worth it.

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Septic169d ago

Halo- one of the best games of all time

chrisx169d ago (Edited 169d ago )

yeah it is. it really felt like being a super soldier playing as master chief.

ClanPsi1169d ago

Why? Because it had shields? Everything else was pretty normal and made you wonder why you were in a suit of armour in the first place. Crysis makes you feel like WAY more of a super soldier than Halo.

Hungryalpaca168d ago


Um. Halo released in 2001...crysis is 2007...are you daft?

NecrumOddBoy169d ago

H:CE was such a masterpiece of it's time.

Vegamyster169d ago

The thing that impressed me the most about it was how good the AI in that game was at the time, the Covenant anyway. It's one of the few older 3D games where enemies still behave in believable ways, then Halo 2 improved on everything, minus the ending.

Nintentional169d ago

I love the feel of the game. The animation of smacking a covenant with the butt of your pistol just feels so good. The weapons were fun, the controls were tight, the music was great and the enemies were a lot of fun to fight on the higher difficulties.

Phil Spencer has said he’s open to the idea of bringing Microsoft IP to other platforms. I’m not asking for Halo 6, but Microsoft would have a lot to gain by putting the original Halo on the Switch and PS4. It’s a game that has had almost decades of time to be an exclusive, everyone with an Xbox with an interest in Halo CE would have already bought it. It would benefit from being on other consoles.

Fantomex169d ago

I loved Halo CE the most of all the Halo games, and I played them all. Too bad none of the other Halo games were even half as great as the original IMO, as far as campaigns go. The MC Collection for Xbox One is actually my only experience with the included games.

CorndogBurglar169d ago (Edited 169d ago )

I liked Halo 2 and 3 just as much as the original. Halo 2's ending was ridiculously bad. But the campaign itself was a lot of fun and had a good story.....up until the giant plant monster.

Halo 3 was great!

I will admit that nothing was cooler than going into that underground bunker in CE and finding all those slaughtered marines and discovering the Flood for the first time though. That was awesome!

babadivad169d ago

Every FPS since Halo have aped Halo's control scheme. This game is more influential than even non-fans realize.

CorndogBurglar169d ago

The funny thing....well, two funny that when that game came out, you just instantly KNEW it was going to change the FPS landscape forever. Also, the 2nd thing is how "meta" the name was. "Combat Evolved". It's like even Bungie knew that what they were about to unleash on the world was going to influence FPS for decades to come.

Few games give you that feeling of the first time playing through Halo: CE. Hell, I think it's easy for most of us to forget that not all games can be like that. It takes those trailblazers to really set the stage for more greatness to follow. Even though, no matter how good anything is that comes next, it still won't give that same feeling as the very first time you experience the new playstyles and innovation of something like Halo.

It's seriously a true classic.

Mr_Wilson168d ago

Fun fact: Bungie didn't want to call it Combat Evolved. That part of the name was forced on them by Microsoft, purely for marketing as they thought people "wouldn't get" the name otherwise.

Nintentional169d ago

7 Sony fanbois disagree with your comment which is fact

Septic169d ago

Well it's an opinion but hey, Halo's quality and legacy speaks for itself.

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Razzer169d ago (Edited 169d ago )

Would love to play it. I just can't stand FPS on consoles. Too bad the PC version was a Games for Windows crapware.

CorndogBurglar169d ago (Edited 169d ago ) had a flamethrower that wasn't in the console version. Lol was pretty bad on PC.

(Even though a flamethrower would have been nice to have against the Flood)

franwex169d ago

There’s a lot of people on this site who deprive themselves of a good games for fanboy reasons. Oh well.

spicelicka169d ago (Edited 169d ago )

Nothing will ever top Halo for me. The combination of story, gameplay, multiplayer, music, and it all happening at the perfect time in my teenage life. I'll always love Halo.

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