Fans Find Hidden Tracking Software in The Elder Scrolls Online

ESO tracking software for marketing purposes is discovered in the files of the MMORPG without mention of the added program in any recent patch notes.

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InKnight7s168d ago

Isn't such a tracker in MMO is to locate the best server recommendation or to specialize the events, store and such?

KaiPow168d ago

I mean, from a marketing standpoint it makes sense so you can see what ads are most effective for getting new players to join your game, but it's still shady to obfuscate all of that deep in a patch.

Cobra951168d ago

They practically admit it was shady in the update to the story.

"We never should have done this without giving everyone a heads up it was coming, and we will learn from this mistake."

Cobra951168d ago

". . . Red Shell was erroneously added to the live build when we were still testing and evaluating it. It has never been active in ESO, even though the base tech is in the client – i.e. it was never enabled. So, we will remove it from Update 18 . . ."

That makes it academic (once actually removed), but still a sneaky development. Red Shell really is about tracking new user habits and targeted advertising.

gigoran168d ago

“Fine. You don't want to be part of this? Then just sign right here. Nooo! You didn't read it! This says we don't ever have to let you out and that we can do whatever we want! Dammit, why won't it read?!”

drizzom168d ago

I wonder how many other devs do this. :/

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