Watch out Fortnite, there’s a new kid on the block: God of War now the 3rd largest game on YouTube

Fortnite is no longer the fastest growing game on YouTube
According to data from Matchmade (the leading influencer marketing platform that analyzes over 2.4 Million gaming-related YouTube videos and 220M videos), God of War has become the third largest game on YouTube – with viewership growing at 1402% from March to April. Since its release on April 20, YouTubers are loving the action-adventure hack-and-slash mythology-based game. One could argue that it’s easy to grow from non-existent to existent, but God of War has become the third largest title on YouTube - becoming a dominant game in just four weeks since launch. It remains to be seen if the game retains interest or, if like most single-player games, doesn’t have long-term appeal on YouTube.

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UltraNova170d ago

Wow....this really highlights the fact that SP games are a dying breed.../s

Dragonscale170d ago (Edited 170d ago )

Yeah its just propaganda from certain pubs. Great single player games are much more involved than mp games to develop and harder to monetise. Some pubs prioritize engagement above all else, its just fud tbh.

Septic170d ago

SP games are a dying breed? Omg who said that? 😲

UltraNova170d ago


Oh you cheeky man, it was your precious Microsoft via Phil's voicebox ;-)

gangsta_red170d ago (Edited 170d ago )

Phil definitely said SP games are a dying breed.../s

What's funny is you guys say this while MP games still dominate views compared to one SP game.

Stogz170d ago

Someone is saying bad things about MS, gangsta_red to the rescue!!!
On topic I finally started this game and so far its amazing!

Godmars290170d ago

What SP games is MS 1st party making?

gangsta_red170d ago (Edited 170d ago )

By the known rumors so far Gears 5 or Halo 6 and from what I remember those past iterations of games could be played by your self in a SP mode. I could be mistaken though.

*Puts on cape, goes to bite ankles* "...don't worry guys, let me at 'em!!!"

Goldby170d ago

While yes they do have single player campaigns you would be lying if you said they focused on those. Ore than the MP side.

Those games are MP games. And let me know when halo or Gears sells 3 million copies in 3 days and 5 million within a month.

BTW it will only get harder for MS to achieve those numbers due to Gamepass

gangsta_red170d ago (Edited 170d ago )

" would be lying if you said they focused on those. Ore than the MP side."

And you would be assuming with absolutely no proof of your own. The fact of the matter is a cinematic sp campaign is provided for those games. While I understand that some here want absolutely no traces of MP in a game (for some unknown reason) it's a false statement to say MS has no SP games or focuses all on MP only games.

"And let me know when halo or Gears sells 3 million copies in 3 days and 5 million within a month."

Ok, I will...even though that has nothing to do with anything. But hey let me know if there's a huge userbase still playing the original GOW like there are folks still playing online for Halo 3/4 and Gears.

"BTW it will only get harder for MS to achieve those numbers due to Gamepass"

Yeeeaahhh, I'm going to assume that MS isn't worried about that and more about returning MAUs and keeping a player engaged with the game long after it's been out.

But it does make for great chest thumping here.

Godmars290170d ago

"it's a false statement to say MS has no SP games or focuses all on MP only games."

Then name a major 1st party, AAA title that is strictly SP coming from MS. They don't have one title that's not either MP or features MP over SP. And that's been the argument for YEARS. Can you offer just one instance have begun to change that attitude much less become aware of it?

chiefJohn117170d ago (Edited 170d ago )

Stop putting words in people mouth. SP aren't as big a money make as SP games simple as that. It's a fact like it or not. Doesn't mean sp can't make a ton of money and surpass a month game. @ Golby SOD isn't MP it's SP with a co-op feature. Fortnite and GTA doing huge unbelievable numbers. You're not gonna reach that level with a sp only game. For many reasons I shouldn't have to explain

Btw Quantum Break and Ryse says wassup 😎

gangsta_red170d ago

"AAA title that is strictly SP coming from MS."
So that's the concern, seriously...because MS doesn't have a title that's strictly SP?
(is there a reason why they have to?)

"And that's been the argument for YEARS."
Who's argument? Who would argue such a trivial, inane subject that a game company must offer only SP? Now it's a controversy that MS instead has both SP and MP options and having both in a game is somehow bad and assumed that they had to have focused more on MP. Too funny.

A better question to ask is why is there such disdain for a game(s) that offers both SP and MP for everyone to enjoy?

Godmars290169d ago

"Who would argue such a trivial, inane subject that a game company must offer only SP?"


Where Sony and Nintendo have offered variety, since Halo 2 and COD - since the 360 - MS have only been concerned with MP and online. Some thing that culminated in the XB1 launch that outright ignored it's base audience and tried to dictate it's own market.

And despite that grand cock-up, that one moment when gamers and consumers spoke, MS still has yet to show that they got the message.

Bhai169d ago

gangsta_red: "is there a reason why they have to? (have a strictly SP game)"

...Hehe yeah, like, you tell me... quality SP are moving the hardware left and right for PS4... that sh!te SOT or SOD2 or PUBG did basically NOTHING for xb1... that's why ;)
But yeah, you can be right... empty SP like Quantum Break or Recore or even that 2D MS game doesn't move consoles alright hahaha... SP has to have that Sony touch to it!

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Deep-throat170d ago

how this is a good thing? People aren't buying games, they prefer to watch.

UCForce170d ago

Wow ! You are not trying to be positive here. A lot of people playing God Of War and watching it. This is Single Player game and that’s impressive to be honest.

Goldby170d ago

Umm the 5 million sales say otherwise deep.

Maybe you can use that defense when one of those MP heavy games like SoD or SoT gets to 5 million sales.

Who am I kidding, let's make it 1 million sales. And I'll give you more than 3 days to achieve it too.

Italiano1234567170d ago

Them watching made them buy it. 5 million in 1st month. Come on man.

AspiringProGenji170d ago

And there's you, a troll with no life

Kryptix170d ago (Edited 170d ago )

How aren't people buying games when GoW sold 3+ million in the first week which is more than many other games, you dolt.

It's probably in combination of those people that can't play it on their barebones Xbox so the only thing they can do is watch till they can finally watch E3 and wait again watching masterpieces like these.

Razzer170d ago

LOL. Your trolling is getting so weak.

Liqu1d170d ago

Oh so now people watching games doesn't matter? Twitch viewership was all you guys talked about when it came to Sea of Theives. Unlike SoT God of War is actually a commercial success and became the fastest selling PS exclusive.

AnubisG170d ago

5+ million people purchased GoW already and that number keeps growing. How can you say with a straight face and with this much certainty that this is not a good thing and people don't buy single player games, onoy watch them

I'm sorry to ask this way but, how dumb are you Deep? Seriously.

SenorFartCushion170d ago

N4G - Good thing. It's something ps4-related that can be spun. It is actually a bad thing, obviously.

Teenage idiots watching games instead of actually playing them :(

AspiringProGenji170d ago (Edited 170d ago )

And aren't you sniping this into a bad thing? How is it bad? It isn't! If people decide to watch a game, it is their choice. It does not affect the game or you in any way

MasterCornholio170d ago (Edited 170d ago )

5 million still bought the game though.

That destroys the argument.

Goldby170d ago


It was actually 3 million in 3 days. 5 million within 3 weeks I believe

getbacktogaming170d ago

I was one of those watchers and I'll be buying this game but not at 79.99 + tx price here in Canada... Call me cheap but that's too much money for a game for my budget.

trooper_170d ago (Edited 170d ago )

Is that why God of War has been at the top of most charts?

You really don't like making sense, do you?

170d ago
Lexreborn2169d ago

Funny because me and my co-workers bought the game from watching some things about it on youtube. I watched a trailer, my buddy watched the first hour and my other buddy watched my video on beating the valkyries then bought it.

(Shameless plug

Watching something can actually make you want to experience it more

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DarkVoyager170d ago (Edited 170d ago )

“Watch out Fortnite, there’s a new kid on the block: God of War now the 3rd largest game on YouTube“

A single player game? Impossible! Take that Phil Spencer.

Not that I don’t like multiplayer games but there’s room for both. Always will be.

I’m happy to see God of War doing so well. Sony Santa Monica deserve the great reception.

zivtheawesome170d ago

Most viewed games on youtube as of april 2018:
Fortnite – 5.09bn views
Minecraft – 2.39bn views
God of War – 728m views
ROBLOX – 717m views
PUBG – 553m views
This means GoW will be the third game to reach 1 billion views on youtube. Obviously it wont surpass fortnite overall though as fortnite exploded over time but this is still INSANE success for a single player game

Eonjay170d ago

What the heck Fortnite?

Unreal01170d ago

Fornite has become such cancer on YouTube. Everyone and their grandma is making videos as it's easy money for these content creators. And the clickbait for that game is just out of control at this point 😂

rainslacker170d ago

Epic are masters at social media. Plus the game was out for a while before they added the br mode which caused interest to explode for the game.

Kind of surprised at pubg. Thought it'd be higher with how fast it became popular. Kind of funny gow surpassed it already.

Cobra951170d ago

The fastest game to reach 1 billion views (i.e., in the least amount of time), not the game with the most views of all time.

xX-oldboy-Xx170d ago

cheers, for the complete breakdown of articles title.

letsa_go170d ago

Your reading comprehension is still in good shape!

gangsta_red170d ago

How are people watching God of War on YouTube a success exactly?

Eonjay170d ago

It's a measure of interest.

gangsta_red170d ago

I can understand that, but to say success just based on youtube views and for some on here to declare some kind of SP victory is just...strange.

Nyxus170d ago

It means people are interested in the game, and many people at that.

meka2611170d ago

Agreed. If anything this may show less people buying it. I loved that game but after beating it I had no real desire to go back. For people that just want the story they watch it on YouTube and then don't need to purchase it.

Dark_Knightmare2170d ago (Edited 170d ago )

Do you see any other sp game in YouTube history garnering this kind of viewership? We already know that the game is a bonafide hit and sold tons in its first month on shelves so any other “concerns” you need addressed

gangsta_red170d ago (Edited 170d ago )

"We already know that the game is a bonafide hit and sold tons in its first month on shelves so any other “concerns” you need addressed"

Okay...I keep getting reminded about salez, but how and why is this youtube thing a success? Because it's a SP only game?
And it's the fastest game to get views, not the only SP game or the most.

But, by all means, celebrate people watching games on Youtube. I'll have to remember this when other games also talk about high viewership on media streaming sites.

Eonjay170d ago

Okay think about it this way: the games on that list games are extremely successful. There is obviously a direct connection between success and viewership.

Chevalier169d ago

Its like free advertising. Maybe if you looked at how well the sales have been it'd be a big clue.

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kevnb170d ago (Edited 170d ago )

theres some missing games, wow, gta v, call of duty series etc... something isnt right here.
Edit oh is see, they are talking about for a single month. Congrats I guess? It was a good selling game, so no surprise it got a lot of views near release.

Goldby169d ago

And it's being ranked based off other games during their release.

So it's doing better than GTA, wow, and cod

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SuperSonic91170d ago (Edited 170d ago )

Companies spends million of dollars in time, money and effort to market and advertise their products to millions of people but instead millions of people spend their time, money and effort to advertise and promote God of War for FREE saving Sony millions of dollars in ads and marketing costs.

It a perfect symbiotic relationship of games and gamers when you make an excellent and fun single player game.

The game that resonates well with gamers resonates millions of times even more with good word of mouth expressions spreading quickly through out the gaming community.

Sony is happy Youtubers are happy viewers are happy.

Are you listening Nintendo?

SuperSaiyanGod41170d ago

People didn't believe me when I said word of mouth from YouTube streaming was another reason god of war sold very well.

Obviously god of war is a known franchise but people don't understand that YouTube is a huge advertising network for these games as well.

Can u imagine what Spiderman and tlou2 and death stranding will generate on YouTube and twitch. It's going to be huge.

showtimefolks170d ago

Single player games don't matter I guess according to Phil Spencer, Ea and Activision

Kribwalker170d ago

man you guys just love to make shit up. At no point in time did phil spencer say single player games don’t matter. He stated “you will have games like zelda and horizon that will do really well”

MasterCornholio170d ago

He actually said that the exocomics were complicated for Microsoft.

Goldby170d ago

Forgot the part about Sp games having less impact krib.

Less impact to Ms means not worth the work, which means to them its a dying breed

Kribwalker170d ago

“The audience for those big story-driven games... I won’t say it isn’t as large, but they’re not as consistent,” says Spencer. “You’ll have things like Zelda or Horizon Zero Dawn that’ll come out, and they’ll do really well, but they don’t have the same impact that they used to have, because the big service-based games are capturing such a large amount of the audience. Sony’s first-party studios do a lot of these games, and they’re good at them, but outside of that, it’s difficult – they’re become more rare; it’s a difficult business decision for those teams, you’re fighting into more headwind.

“We’ve got to understand that if we enjoy those games, the business opportunity has to be there for them. I love story-based games. I just finished [LucasArts-inspired RPG] Thimbleweed Park – I thought it was a fantastic game. Inside was probably my game of last year. As an industry, I want to make sure both narrative-driven single-player games and service-based games have the opportunity to succeed. I think that’s critical for us.”

Look at that last line. He wants to make sure both have the ability to succeed.

“”As an industry, I want to make sure both narrative-driven single-player games and service-based games have the opportunity to succeed.””

You are taking a single line out of the quote and ignoring everything else he said.

AmUnRa169d ago

No you dont want to exept that Phil realy did say that, your spinning as always..

ILostMyMind169d ago

You guys, need to try harder to defend Phis's BS.

TomatoDragon169d ago

You guys really need to stop white knighting for a man that has no idea you even exist.

yomfweeee169d ago (Edited 169d ago )

Damn Krib you're delusional. We took 1 sentence out of that? No, he said like 6 things to support what we're saying.

1) audience is smaller (probably true, but it isn't an audience you can ignore)
2) audience is inconsistent (maybe for their crap games like QB)
3) HZD and Zelda have no impact like the past (laughable, BOTW and HZD were most talked about games last year and Zelda saved Nintendo singlehandedly)
4) SP games are rare and difficult (ya for Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo and other deva have no problem)
5) not a good business decision (ya when you suck at making those games)
6) lack of business opportunity (again Sony and Nintendo thrive and are crushing Microsoft)

All those things are him saying he doesn't believe in those games. And all those things are pretty much false. He's an idiot, but you'll defend it.

Chevalier169d ago (Edited 169d ago )


Name a single 1st party AAA budget SP only game from MS then if its part of Xbox portfolio then?! There are NONE. You can go make lists of them for both PS4 and Switch

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