Fortnite on Nintendo Switch Appears on Korean Rating Board

If you have been waiting for any type of official confirmation about Fortnite on Nintendo Switch, then you have nothing to worry as the game appears to be on its way!

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MetroidFREAK21170d ago

I mean it was inevitable... Don't know how voice chat will work... I guess discord or something 💁

Stevonidas170d ago

Is voice chat really needed in Battle Royale? I don't play Fortnite, so I don't know.

I love Nintendo, but their bass-ackwards approach to voice chat with the Switch makes absolutely no sense.

MetroidFREAK21170d ago

Well playing with friends in duos and squads, voice chat is needed to cooperate... Solo it's not needed. And yes, even the Wii U had plug and chat voice chat... Makes no sense

Geobros170d ago

Another nice title is welcome for Switch!

Maybay170d ago

Was expected, though nonetheless - this is a potential system seller for the Switch (hopefully online play is free for this game).