Is battle royale stifling multiplayer mode innovation?

As developers continue to push the battle royale genre some gamers are being left behind and games could become less innovative.

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kevnb171d ago

holy hyperbole, calm down!

porkChop171d ago

We haven't had any significant innovation in FPS multiplayer modes for a long time. Battle Royale is so popular because it's finally something totally different. So no, it's not stifling innovation. It IS the innovation.

TheGamez100170d ago

Was gunna say the same damn thing. BR is still fairly new and the most innovative multiplayer mode in some time. Seriously, you guys need to calm yourselves lol. All ive been seeing are simple tdm, ctf, domination, bomb modes, and many other versions of these modes for years. Theres Like 2 BR games that have blown up in huge popularity around the world? Automatically disliked because its the hot thing right now and what tons of non gaming casuals also play.
Really dont understant the hate on BR with the internet lol. Incoming downvotes...

gangsta_red170d ago (Edited 170d ago )

We have a winna!

BR is the hot new thing for MP games now and even though we might be seeing an influx of games adding this mode I expect to see a lot of BR games try and tweak and change the formula to separate themselves from the rest.

I say bring it on!

ziggurcat169d ago

"Battle Royale is so popular because it's finally something totally different"

It's not, though... it's just a variation of the same survival/last man standing game mode we've had in MP games for several years.

Prettygoodgamer169d ago (Edited 169d ago )

They will all sing a different tune when next gen we get the same as last gen with the cod epidemic, everything was MP fps next gen everything will be MP battle royal, it gets stale very very fast.

A lot of people will be going "in hindsight battle royal wasn't a good thing" but dumb people can't learn from other people's mistakes.

Septic169d ago

That variation is a big one resulting in a big change in gameplay. It means you have a massive map with survival /looting elements in it and allows to change the scope of everything.

ziggurcat169d ago (Edited 169d ago )

I don't think it's enough to take it away from being just another survival/last man standing game mode.

edit: it's just putting lipstick on a pig, and trying to convince people it's something brand new.

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isarai170d ago

Isn't Battle Royale the newest "innovation"? how does an innovation stifle innovation?

porkChop170d ago

Exactly. We haven't really been getting any new or innovative game modes for the last decade. If we didn't have BR, we'd have nothing else new either.

thorstein169d ago

In the same way breathing oxygen stifles breathing oxygen.

Prettygoodgamer169d ago

Battle royal isn't an innovation it's been around for years....What the f are you guys smoking?

Septic169d ago

which game did Battle Royale like this "for years"?

KyRo169d ago

It's been around as mods for PC games for a while but never fully fledged, dedicated games. In comparison to TDM, CTF, DOM etc this mode is new and fresh considering most games don't even attempt to bring in new multiplayer game modes any more.

Prettygoodgamer169d ago


Arma on pc , any other easily answered questions you thought were important ?

xX-oldboy-Xx170d ago

Battle Royal is the variation on MP that it needs. Other modes and games will co-exist, remember the crazy popularity of COD:MW?

It all ebbs and flows, just let it run its course. If it becomes the only FPS/3rd person mode available, then we can worry.

psuedo170d ago

Counterstrike Source had tons of game modes. Same for Team Fortress 2 on PC. Prison Break was cool on CS. Zombie mode, surfing, etc etc.

I would love another Socom. PlayStation needs another Socom. Socom Royale?

Prince_TFK169d ago

I love Zombie Escape mode on CS Go and still play it religiously.

psuedo169d ago

I don't have a PC right now but would love to play CS GO

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