Looks like Assassin's Creed Odyssey has been leaked via a keyring

Last year, a promotional T-shirt revealed the main character, logo and Ancient Egyptian setting of Assassin's Creed Origins, weeks before its official unveiling at E3.

This year, a keyring appears to have done the same thing to Assassin's Creed Odyssey - seemingly the next game in Ubisoft's long-running historical franchise - and which looks like to be set in Ancient Greece.

The piece of merchandise can be seen in this photo posted by French site Jeuxvideo, which noted the Ancient Greek helmet left little doubt as to the game's setting.

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-Foxtrot171d ago

It's a shame when this kind of news would have excited me, now I'm like ""

They really need to put AC on a long break.

AngainorG7X171d ago

If the latest game was Syndicate then i would agree with you, but since the latest is Origins, i say "Give me more".

-Foxtrot171d ago (Edited 171d ago )

Origins was alright but considering the other games before it were more lacklustre it just stood out more.

I still didn't think they did enough to make it feel more fresh or interesting. The issue is with no present day story so it just feels like we are jumping to different places for the sake of it. We used to once have a reason to be in that time period, a goal, now we don't have that.

They keep stretching it out and they have other IPs which need their attention, Prince of Persia or a new 3D Rayman game

naruga171d ago (Edited 171d ago )

i hope to Fing respect Greece ...because the AC that took place in Konstatinoupole and showed the conquerors ottomans as the righteous people and byzantines as the bad ones was the worst thing in the series

Golden_Mud171d ago

There was a bit of modern day story..

-Foxtrot171d ago

Just feels more tact on now

showtimefolks171d ago


I think we will see a new AC game in fall 2019. I think the days of yearly sequels are gone

morganfell171d ago

I was hoping Ubi would begin to do with AC titles that which they have done with other titles which is cool it with the main release while supporting the title continually with DLC as they have with R6 and now GR.

dumahim171d ago

I don't recall Ubisoft being the type to show a game a year and a half before release. Especially since the initial leak was from a packaged keychain. That's not something they do that far out.

UltraNova171d ago

Its a 2018 release, why else would merchandise be out in the wild already?

Ceaser9857361171d ago (Edited 171d ago )

"I think we will see a new AC game in fall 2019. I think the days of yearly sequels are gone"

and AC ODYSSEY gets Revealed :D

Angelin171d ago

If they show it at E3 a november launch is very likely. It may be a reiteration of origins: different NPC skins, similar gameplay to Origins, maybe small differences in game mechanics. Even the logo is similar.

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AgeInTheCage171d ago

You're getting downvoted by the xbox crew because its slim pickings over there and they welcome any mainstream 3rd party multi console game with open arms, i sympathize for them, phil sold everyone down the river.

Vokun13171d ago

Dude, literally said "ah cool" right when I opened the article. Crazy how AC has evolved huh?

-Foxtrot171d ago

My evolution

Assassins Creed - “Was great but not as good from compared to previews”

Assassins Creed II - “Holy shit that was amazing”

Brotherhood - “Little fast to come out, but still wow awesome”

Revelations - “More or less the same but a great last adventure for Ezio”

Assassins Creed III - “What the f*** was that...awful, pretty but...urgh”

Assassins Creed IV Black Flags - “great game, really good...buuuut did not feel like an AC game. It was a new IP”

Unity - “Just when you think you couldn’t do worse then ACIII, least that game was more stable”

Syndicate - “Meh better but lost focus”

Origins - “Meh...was alright but still feels the same despite changes”

Odyssey - “Sigh...lets get on with it”

UltraNova171d ago

I've skipped Origins so its going to be fresh-ish for me since the last AC game I've played was Black Flag.
Super excited to visit ancient Greece!

IamTylerDurden1170d ago (Edited 170d ago )

That doesn't excite me. After Rogue i haven't been all that interested in the series. Syndicate has a setting i've always dreamed of, but Ubisoft has milked the series at this point. Origins was apparently a good game, but the Assassin's vs the Templar apple of Eden story has run dry. Rogue always seemed interesting because you finally play as a Templar, they should've expanded upon that idea. I'd like to see more emphasis put back into the assassinations. The first game lacked in some areas but the assassinations were key. I'd love to see assassinations become a huge part of gameplay where you must plan them out, map an escape route, and bring the necessary equipment/disguises. Like a smaller version of a Hitman mission but in AC style.

zeuanimals170d ago

Personally, I've always wanted more games set in different time periods in different areas of the world. No other games seem to do that other than Assassin's Creed, but the series tended to focus on more recent history (1400s to 1800s) and the games never really did a great job of making the world feel alive. Origins did a lot to change this and I'm kind of excited to see where they go with the series after this.

We've also got Ghost of Tsushima now and it's one of my most anticipated games just for the setting and premise. I guess I pretty much wanna be a virtual tourist across all of human history.

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Relientk77171d ago

Nice, Origins is awesome. I'm just hoping it's releasing next year. There's no reason it needs to be annual.

deckardreplicant171d ago

In spite of Origins being awesome, the game did not get that much recognition (Speaking to it's standards) Origins was at it's best but in overall as a franchise it has to go a massive break for like 5-8 years to come back.

pinkcrocodile75171d ago

I don't agree. I think if they have say three stories that the studio will work on in teams and release each year separately, then take a year or two off to develop the next three using an updated engine.

Seems the way to go in my book. But what do I know, I'm just a dev and a fan

starchild171d ago

Nah, as long as they are good I'm fine with whatever release schedule they want to follow.

Mr-Dude171d ago

And still no China or Japan...

InKnight7s171d ago (Edited 171d ago )

For some reason Westren game developers hate or stay away from developing modern Japan and China or even old ones. Although it would be awesome to explore these amazing and unique cultures.
EDIT: typo

Araragifeels 171d ago

Sucker Punch is breaking that cycle and I cannot wait for Ghost of Tsushima.

starchild171d ago

I can't wait for Ghost of Tsushima either, but I would love to see an Assassin's Creed game set in feudal Japan too. It's disappointing that they continue to avoid going there in the series. Greece, Egypt and Rome are all too similar. Ancient China and feudal Japan would be a breath of fresh air.

ziggurcat171d ago

So... Ancient Greece setting? Interesting!

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