E3 2018 Predictions – Square Enix

With E3 just around the corner, it is once again time for the Player 2 crew to get their crystal balls out of the attic and make some wildly inaccurate predictions as to what will appear at the world’s biggest games show. Our focus now turns to Square Enix, what can they bring to the big show?

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SpamnJam200d ago

I like that Legacy of Kain idea... also Sleeping Dogs 2 needs to happen.

showtimefolks199d ago

Legacy of kain HD would be awesome because I doubt square would make a new entry anytime soon

Sleeping dogs 2 would be welcomed but again I don't see it knowing square are looking for games which can be made into live service

SpamnJam199d ago

What evidence of the Games as a service thing are you talking about. I mean apart from the FF MMO I can't think of one. They have always been pretty good at giving meaty single player stuff, can't see that changing. Mobile space is different of course but in consoles and pc it seems to me that everything is pretty fair.

Platformgamer199d ago

gex remake or gex 4, that will surely surprise me