What the Life Cycles of Previous PlayStations Say About the PlayStation 5

IGN: "We dig into Sony's console history, and see what we can learn about the inevitable PlayStation 5."

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FallenAngel1984171d ago

“Don't expect Sony to be partnering with Nintendo, but do expect that the time from the PS5 reveal to release will be well under three and a half years.”

Well obviously. A company doesn’t enjoy getting revenge for going on 25+ years and then decides to later bury the hatchet. Also the time of announcing a console to its reveal is now one 1-2 years in the modern time.

“Definitely don't expect Sony to stagger the launch of the PS5. There's no doubt it'll be a simultaneously world-wide release.”

The days of Japan getting the console first are over. Sony will now release in first in North America and then in other major territories weeks afterwards. Japan may even get it a month or two after Europe though.

“Sony is currently in a similar place now as they were nearing the end of the PS2's life. That is to say, first place. But unlike the hubris-filled reveal of the PS3, don't expect Sony to make that same mistake this time around.”

Ken Kutaragi isn’t there too make ridiculous claims. Plus Sony has already learned from experience that their name alone won’t carry them. Their brand will always carry weight, but they always have to do a lot to mainline its integrity.

“The company stated that a PlayStation 5 is some three years away, so it’s doubtful we’ll see any solid details until the PlayStation 4 passes its five-year mark. PlayStation history suggests a well-supported PS4 until decade’s end, with a few more years of niche releases and lingering support.”

Sony has no reason to announce PS5 anytime soon since the current gen continues to be so lucrative. They’ll announce a successor when hardware sales start nosediving dramatically.

assassin2k171d ago

Well said. I think going forward the PS5 will have to be backwards comparable and will have similar PC like, easy to work with components but massively upgraded. I also think Sony are in a great position given the One X released a year after PS4 Pro. It means Microsoft won't want to jump the gun and get in so soon on next gen so as not to burn One X owners and Sony will want to hold fire as they're in such a strong position with the PS4 still selling so well. Plus a later release for PS5 will mean a bigger graphical leap which will help given diminishing jumps in graphical power.

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ABizzel1171d ago


Chances are it will for several reasons.

1. PS2 was with PS1, PS3 was with PS2 & 1 in the original models. The main reason PS4 wasn't with PS3 is because the architecture was so different and the Cell Processor was difficult to emulate (games still don't run well to this day on emulators) and it's nearly as powerful as the CPUs in the current consoles.

2. PS3 North America sales were in last place compared to the other 2 consoles which both sold over 40m units, which meant that millions upon millions of their games went unplayed which again is why they had so many PS3 remasters, and why those games sold so well. PS4 is leading NA, so there's no need for remastering PS4 games to PS5....

3. It makes shifting generations significantly easier, and with Sony almost guaranteed to be going with AMD again and Ryzen, emulation will be easier, and expected. The XBO has done well with emulation (even if it was a bit too late at the time), and the PS5 should be adopting it. Backwards compatibility matters at the beginning of a generation where there isn't as much New software available, so you can entertain yourself with your current library, and with console basically being budget gaming PCs from the Mid - High Range (depending on cost), all PS4 games should effortless scale to the PS5 since it's all running off AMD hardware and at 4K resolutions. It's just like going from the base PS4 and running a game on the PS4 Pro.

If BC is not on the PS5 that's a miss Day 1, and as much of a lead Sony has on Xbox right now, they're going to do everything in their power to ensure that lead sticks, so BC will be there. Maybe not PS1 (should be easy, but most games didn't age well), PS2 (same as PS2), or PS3 (still difficult to emulate, and most best of have been ported to PS4). But PS4 is almost guaranteed to be there.

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NextGenCeo171d ago

End of this year Playstation Experience if PS5 technical specs show up means 2019 November PS5 will be released. Playstation Experience always will be the key for next Playstation Platform released dates.
(ESL guy)