PS Plus vs. Xbox Games With Gold: Which Free Games Win June 2018?

Twinfinite reviews the free game lineups from Sony's PS Plus and Microsoft's Games with Gold to determine which service offered the better package in June.

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Ulf171d ago (Edited 171d ago )

Okay normally GWG beats PS+, imo, with all the PS+ indie crap, but not this month!

This is a beautiful return to form for Sony. XCom 2? Ghost Recon Future Soldier? Awesome.

PoopsMcGee171d ago (Edited 171d ago )

For about a year PSPLUS has consistently dominated the "free games" battle. Sony has been giving one major AAA just about every month since then...

TGGJustin171d ago

Um Sony has been outdoing Xbox on this front for like a year straight now. Might want to go back and look at the past 12 months for each if you think GWG has been better.

iplay1up2170d ago

Your bragging when 2 PS games you get in June, I got a year ago with gold!

Liqu1d170d ago

@iplay1up2 And you guys brag about last gen games that PS+ got several years ago. It's "you're" btw.

PoopsMcGee170d ago


And psplus had Metal Gear for free way before gwg. Who cares about that?

Prettygoodgamer170d ago

Indie crap ? Are you stuck in 2016 ?

170d ago
UltraNova170d ago

Maybe do some background reading before you post miss-informed crap like that next time.

As for answering the article's question - both offerings are mediocre. GWG-5/10, PSplus- 6/10.

I guess we had a good run the past year so a meh month can be forgiven?

Brave_Losers_Unite170d ago

You obviously havent turned on a PS4 in years

bluefox755170d ago (Edited 170d ago )

Normally GWG beats PS+? Have you been under a rock for the last year?

butchertroll170d ago

And GWG didn't had a single indie game, right?

UltraNova170d ago

He surely thinks indies on xbox are an exception? Smh..m

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PapaBop170d ago

Sony wins, flawless victory. Xcom 2 I never played so excited to try that and trials fusions is something I've always been meaning to purchase at some point as it looks like a lot of fun. Ghost Recon Future Soldier is a huge bonus too, I loved that game so looking forward to getting some online games going with the boosted playerbase.

Prince_TFK170d ago

Is this some sort of competition now?

The7Reaper170d ago

Always has been and the sad part is people actually care which month is better instead of just enjoying free stuff, having fun and going about your day, everything becomes a petty console war now.

Prince_TFK170d ago (Edited 170d ago )

This is what I had been saying. Everything is a competition now between Somy, MS, and Nintendo. What’s worse, we have “gaming” media like Twinfinite openly advocate these sort of things just to get comments on their articles. What a shame.

conanlifts170d ago

GWG has an advantage that you get 4 games to play on one console ( for single console owners. Sonic all stars and lego could be fun. But smite....i have no interest in a f2p game. Terrible addition.
On ps4 xcom 2 is fantastic, probably better than any GWG game i have installed in years. So ps4 is clearly the better offering.

txboy05170d ago

Don’t sleep on Smite I have a PS4 and I still play that game more than anything. It’s a great game

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