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Take-Two Believes Traditional DLCs Are Still Compelling, But Games Need to Be Great to Begin With

Executives of the publisher behind Red Dead Redemption and Grand Theft Auto talk about business models, DLC, quality, and subscriptions.

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Community200d ago
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-Foxtrot200d ago

Kind of comes across as

"We're saying this to justify the fact we can't be arsed to make DLC expansions anymore and why we continue to milk GTA Onlne with MTs"

First they defended themselves because they didn't think they "were either possible or necessary"

Now they are kind of saying that it's because the believe the game was great to start with.

SuperSaiyanGod41200d ago

Don't get me wrong if the game is quality and has a great campaign and brings a great online multiplayer then I think dlc and stuff like that are ok because they gave us a full experience to begin with. I don't see why great game developers who put 5 plus years to deliver us an amazing experience can't have any dlc and online stuff which, "gamers still have a choice" to buy isn't ok. These devs deserve it. Now other games that are half assed that try an give us garbage and then try an add dlc to an already trash ass game with hardly no content is a no buy for me. Great devs gotta make their money some how.

PapaBop200d ago

This is why CDPR are my favourite developer and why Cyberpunk 77 is my most anticipated E3 game. First and foremost they make a great game. They then go and focus on expanding on that great game with equally as great content at a very reasonable price. Rockstar related, it's the most missed opportunity in recent memory not to expand on the amazing single player content in GTA 5.

JackBNimble200d ago

You tell me how many games are supported 5 years after release with nothing but FREE updates.
Yes there is an OPTION to buy shark cards or MT's, who cares?

Don't even try to tell me it's a pay to win because no matter how many shark cards you buy, if you haven't played and unlocked upgrades or weapons, you can't buy them.

I suppose they're greedy for being successful too, but hey, GTAV is the most successful game of this gen so they have to be doing something right.
By the way, unsuccessful or unprofitable business's usually close down.

-Foxtrot200d ago

So basically some free small content here and there and everything else is fine and dandy

No...just no

masterfox200d ago

Traditional DLC ? , since when DLC is traditional ?, DLC started to annoy us gamers when gaming consoles were able to connect more easily to the internet and this cause to some gaming companies greed to increase exponentially, before the DLC the games were complete games with unlockables, still not everything is lost with this nonsense DLC term, there some companies like Guerrilla games, Naughty Dog and CD projeckt that knows how DLC should work, how it should distribute and maintain gamers happy in the end.

InKnight7s200d ago

Because journalists can't care less for healthy industry they allowed it.

Crazyglues200d ago

I agree... Make Games Great Again....!

blacktiger200d ago

fuk faggot and your dlc tradditional!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Vrabstin200d ago

You left out the 1 in your exclamation points.

TheOttomatic91200d ago

They’re correct about the base games needing to be great to begin with, something that games like Sea of Thieves and No Mans Sky clearly wasn’t.

Cmv38200d ago

Saddest part is that's becoming too far the norm. I'm not taking about day one patches, but just good content to begin with. Games launching, and fun is dlc to come later.

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The story is too old to be commented.