Former Naughty Dog Game Designer Announces Return to Sony

Quentin Cobb, formerly a game designer on the Uncharted series and The Last of Us, has left from his year-long stint at Daybreak to return to an undisclosed studio with Sony as a Senior Game Designer.

No mention was made of the game, but Quentin expressed that it is currently a secret as to the name of the studio he is working with.

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Christopher202d ago

If it was a known studio, there would be no need for secrecy at all. They've all announced their games, even Sucker Punch, and adding to it wouldn't be worth hiding who is working on what project.

Hopefully this is for something more than just a VR game.

JaguarEvolved202d ago

I can't wait to see what game it'll be because I feel like it'll be a big title

SuperSonic91202d ago

I have seen game developer's in and out of ND to create their own companies...this one is odd.

porkChop202d ago

They haven't all announced their games. Many of Sony's studios have multiple teams and multiple IP. We don't know what Guerilla is doing next, for example.

Christopher202d ago (Edited 202d ago )


SSM = GoW sequel
Guerilla = HZD sequel
Insomniac = Spider-man
Sucker Punch = Tsushima
Naughty = TLoUP2
Bend = Days Gone
Mm = Dreams

What other American/European studio is there that isn't working on a game or hasn't been closed?

Edit: Man, how nice is it to be able to list that many dev studios under one 'roof' who are working on their own IPs?

mkis007202d ago

SSM was downsized, but has the #'s for 2 teams.
Insomniac has 2 studios, though an exclusive Sony game isn't a guarantee
Naughty Dog has a second team the could be working on the beginnings of another game.

That said from my understanding, most studios 2nd team helps the first team while only a small group goes on to the next project.

Sony probably has at least one other studio working on something. MY feelers point to Bluepoint. Who know what 3rd party deals Sony has now that they have basically run away with the generation.

DialgaMarine202d ago

@Christopher Remember how TLoU was amnoumced pretty much right after UC3 released? ND had been working on both games simultaneously, and Sony now has multiple studios that are capable of doing that. Just because these games haven’t been officially announced, that’s doesn’t mean there’s not work going on.

Christopher202d ago

***That said from my understanding, most studios 2nd team helps the first team while only a small group goes on to the next project. ***

This is correct and it's more about them managing people so they aren't sitting in limbo.

Furthermore, there would be no need for secrecy that the person joined an existing studio that is already working on a project as a senior game designer as each studio is working on a game that is in design process other than SSM.

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majiebeast202d ago

rumour going around by Job posting is a new studio in San Diego that will work on Uncharted,

Christopher202d ago (Edited 202d ago )

That would make sense, actually. Heck, they could be working on Resistance, Killzone, or Uncharted even. I'd do an FPS instead of Uncharted, personally.

Araragifeels 202d ago

Hopefully is not Uncharted yet since at least let the series take a break before continuing the franchise. I would like them to revive old IP like Resistance or Socom or Motorstorm or more. Plus according to the rumors that this new studio unannounced project being worked on with Naughty Dog and Santa Monica. So I don't think is Uncharted if Santa Monica is involved since SM are skill at doing mostly (action-adventure) hack and Slash, platform games.

UltraNova202d ago

As much as I love the Uncharted series,Sony should give it a rest, at least this gen if they want to avoid game fatigue.

A Resistance or Killzone or Socom reboot would be perfect considering Sony's first party has been lacking on the shooter front this gen.

jhoward585202d ago (Edited 202d ago )


rumor going around by Job posting is a new studio in San Diego that will work on Uncharted,

I think Sony new game studio in San Diego is working on a 1st person shooter for next-gen/PS5. I think not only does Sony wants to strengthen their 1st party studio I think they want to make games in all genres. I also, think Sony don't want to fall behind too much on the 1st person tech.

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WeAreLegion202d ago

What's wrong with VR games? That's where most of the innovation is happening right now.

Christopher202d ago

I don't play them, therefore I would rather they work on something I would play. Selfish, yes, but that's how most opinions on games work.

rainslacker202d ago

Sony already has a studio that focuses on nothing but vr games. Can't remember the name or if they've released anything yet.

StormSailor202d ago

The game director of Rainbow Six Siege was hired by Guerrilla Game a short time ago and they use only one director per game, so you can count on another project besides the Horizon sequel

Guerilla = HZD sequel / Another unknown game

Knowing Sony this goes beyond, there is much more going on that we don't know

Eonjay202d ago

Could you argue that perhaps he is heading an unknown project at a known studio? I understand what you are saying but I think it could be something else too.

Christopher202d ago

There would be no reason to hide joining an existing studio.

Ceaser9857361202d ago

Few days back there was news where Sony is forming a new team to work on a game studio in SAN DIEGO , many were guessing it could be another Uncharted game and many were expecting a new ip
So looks like he Joined this said STUDIO

generic-user-name202d ago

People hoping Sony aren't making psvr games and then mocking Sony for not supporting psvr. (Not you in particular).

I hope it is a PSVR exclusive. Sony need to show us this isn't another Vita.

Christopher202d ago (Edited 202d ago )

PSVR has so much support, it's actually kind of crazy, IMHO. The number of games doesn't line up to the amount of hardware sold. Vita wishes it had this level of support. Some days, half the trailers PlayStation posts to youtube are just for VR games.

rainslacker202d ago

There are a lot of games, they just don't get a lot of press time.

generic-user-name202d ago

But not much first party support. We get lots of short indie games on psvr. Let's see a Naughty Dog VR game or Killzone VR, even Vita got a Killzone title.

rainslacker202d ago (Edited 202d ago )

Hiring on a senior game designer is usually a sign of a new game in pre-production. Name of the studio may be withheld to prevent speculation on a sequel project, but could indeed mean a new studio.

Also in response to knowing what their studio are doing, it is true that many of their studios have multiple teams, and Sony could expand current studios to also do.that. but there is also world wide studios, which uses a team based approach similar to Nintendo or Sony japan, while having no central development house

Sharky231201d ago

I think he’s saying the studio is the secret... not the game. He could be assisting Sucker Punch. Who wouldn’t want a senior dev like that!!

Christopher201d ago

There is no reason to not mention helping any current game studio with a game aalready announced. None.

Babadook7201d ago (Edited 201d ago )

PSVR would actually be great Chris, as long as it is done well. PSVR games have twice the potential as non vr because they are more immersive. The trouble is they often disappoint because they need extra polish and there are new challenges to the medium. Such as motion sickness. Resident Evil is an example of how a game can go far beyond 2d gaming.

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SuperSaiyanGod41202d ago

Nice. Sony adding more fire power to other parts of their studios.

BeardedDrachen201d ago

How does this comment correlate to the news?

ConsoleGamer202d ago

I hope they are working on a low budget, low quality and content mp game with stoneage visuals to directly compete with microsoft games.

rainslacker202d ago

Sadly, if ms makes bank on that, then you'd see more publishers doing just that. Last gen it was the mobile craze, this gen, ms and we are chasing after that easy money. Others could follow, but I think Sony won't focus on that for the exclusion of all else. Realistically, the more publishers chase that market, the more room there is for those that make sp games to actually make more money because of less competition

KwietStorm202d ago

I got excited thinking it was Amy Hennig.

Movefasta1993202d ago

wasn't she responsible for uc3? Yeah... no.

Razzer202d ago

Hennig was responsible for Uncharted 1 through 3. She does great work, even Uncharted 3.

KwietStorm202d ago

She's basically responsible for Uncharted, period.

Movefasta1993202d ago

The story was terrible, the pacing was all over the place, the main villain was forgettable like...come on. And that bit with sully at the end was so obvious. The best moments were with kid drake and the boat section but overall terrible.

BeardedDrachen201d ago

I’ll be glad if I never have another Uncharted 3 type game.. lets stay with 1-2 & 4.

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