E3 2018 Predictions – Bethesda

With E3 just around the corner, it is once again time for the Player 2 crew to get their crystal balls out of the attic and make some wildly inaccurate predictions as to what will appear at the world’s biggest games show. It is now Bethesda's turn, can they recover from a somewhat disappointing 2017 showing?

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FloydianAndroid198d ago (Edited 198d ago )

What if starfield is just the code name for the next fallout? I wouldn’t be mad at a fallout set in space. I could see the opening of the game showing how we colonized the moon in wake of an imminent nuclear event.

Smokehouse198d ago

Lol those people are all the same. “I know they won’t announce ES6 but I pick ES6”

I would buy some prey dlc. Rage 2 looks fun. The rest is a mystery. Bethesda is probably going to kill it this year. There is no middle ground with them, their show sucks or they kill it. Last year was a dud so they are due.

BlackIceJoe198d ago (Edited 198d ago )

I know zero chance of this happening, but Human Head Studios's Prey game seeing a revival would be Awesome. I'd like to see Fallout: Detroit Winsor. We know Canada was annexed and it would be cool to see what that side of the world looks like. Imagining a Detroit that never saw what happened in real life would be something. The salt tunnels under Detroit would be perfect for the Fallout shelters. The old train station between the two cities would be something to behold.

EazyC198d ago

What the heck is this Fallout thing? I would say remaster but industry guys like Jason Schreier are saying it's not.

Hopefully it's some amalgam of the Inxile (ex Black - Isle) and the Fallout New Vegas dev team working under a new branch at Bethesda. I am half-expecting something completely out of the ordinary though

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