Why PUBG Suing Fortnite is Ambitious and Arrogant

PUBG.Inc has gone out of their way to make sure there is as little competition in the Battle Royale marketplace for the last few months. Today, marks what could be an important day in the gaming industry. PUBG is suing creators of Fortnite Battle Royale, Epic Games for possible copyright infringement. Bad Bit Games host, Joseph, expresses why he thinks this move can only quicken the perception that PUBG is focused on forcing competition out of the marketplace, than actually fixing the bugs in their game.

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emiyaxtousaka201d ago

Sue Activision while you’re at it

DarkVoyager201d ago (Edited 201d ago )

“Why PUBG Suing Fortnite is Ambitious and Arrogant”

If you can’t beat them sue them! Right PUBG?

Microsoft can keep PUBG. I don’t your trash on PS4.

Skull521201d ago

Fortnite was never a Battle Royale game or had any intentions of being one. Only after completely failing as a game over 6-7 years and then seeing the success of PUBG did they decide to completely change their focus and completely rip off PUBG with a FTP and microtransaction based product, essentially allowing players the PUBG experience for free and harming PUBGs business. Had Fortnite not done that PUBG would have many many more players and profit to make a better product. PUBG deserves this win.

rdgneoz3201d ago

"completely rip off PUBG with a FTP and microtransaction based product"

Because PUBG was the one that created the royale style... It's not like other games did the same thing (or similar things) first... It's just that Fortnite made it FTP and released it multiplat, unlike PUBG who decided to be an idiot and ignore the larger console user base. Also, if games being a little bit similar allowed companies to sue anyone they wanted, you'd have lawsuits all around and no competition / innovation.

DarkVoyager201d ago


“PUBG deserves this win.“

Because you’re and Xbox fan and PUBG sided with Microsoft. That why you think they should win.

That’s the fact of the matter. Too bad it doesn’t work that way.

DialgaMarine201d ago (Edited 201d ago )

@Skull That doesn’t change the fact that PUBG is an unoptimized garbage beta that people had to pay for. Fortnite is doing the genre right. Blaming Epic for understanding quality is just petty and ignorant.

Also, to say that PUBG should win this is basically the same thing as saying they should own a monopoly on the genre. You might want to reconsider that thought, buddy.

Aceman18201d ago

Lol I hope the courts toss this suit out the window. They got completely outplayed by a f2p game that happened to play and run better. So instead of fixing their crappy running out they sue the other company.

combatcash201d ago

Lol this is crazy, PUBG is a great game, but should they get sued because by the first company to implement guns in a game? Coke and Pepsi anyone? The only real similarity is they're both battle royale games, but that's where it ends.

DialgaMarine201d ago

@combatcash Exactly. There’s other games that mimic PUBG far more than Fortnite; Bluehole is just going after Fortnite because it’s successful. If Fortnite had flopped, they wouldn’t even care; they just want to be on top and basically own the genre.

DarXyde201d ago


I would say PUBG screwed themselves. Considering they released a game for the less popular console (and PC) and still can't fix the problems with the game, it was easy for Fortnite to do its thing.

In business, there's a saying: "if we don't take care of the customer, someone else will". PlayStation 4 gamers may have felt left out. Epic took care of just about everyone. PU lacks stability. Epic made sure they didn't. This is literally a case of competition breeding a superior product.

Realms200d ago (Edited 200d ago )

@ Skull521

Maybe Bluehole shouldn't have released a steam pile of a broken game and charged people for it, on top of going with MS which again was a mistake they done f up. What are they going to do sue Activision, EA, and every shooter that decides to add a Battle Royal Mode as well? Sorry but Epic games will win because Fortnite is enough of a different game that it doesn't infringe on what PUBG did. In a free market consumers have a choice and they are choosing Fortnite over PUBG.

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KyRo201d ago

Baffles me how they attempting to sue over a genre. Shall the first developer who made a third person shooter sue PUBG or shall every cover shooter be sued behind the Devs of Killswitch?

Hell if they won this gaming would break. So many games take influence from other games. Imagine music without influence, films without influence.

They are clutching at straws here. As big as tencent is, I hope this puts a massive hole in their finances for having the audacity to try and sue a better game made by better developers.

RainbowBrite201d ago

Ha ha. No way. How low can you go, uh?! Their game is better so instead of fixing mine, I'll sue them!!!, I'll sue you all!! It seems like the typical reaction of one of PUBG players when they are raging because of something (usually because they lost)

ravinash201d ago

I think it's more to do with the fact that Bluehole partnered with Epic to produce their game, and just as it was taking off Epic changes one of it's own games with a free to play add-on with borrows all the main game play mechanics. basically pulling the rug out of Blueholes feet by giving away their product.

I reminds me of when Microsoft started giving away internet explorer to undercut Netscape in the browser market by giving it away and then saying it's incorporated into windows.

gangsta_red201d ago

When I first saw Fortnite I was actually taken back by the obvious similarities.

The way you fly in over the map, parachute out and the whole storm design was almost identical to PUBG.

Doubt it will fly in court though but who knows.

DialgaMarine201d ago (Edited 201d ago )

Ok? And? Show us the patent where Bluehole owns the BR genre, and these gameplay mechanics?

I guess id Software can sue every multiplayer FPS developer out there, since all their spawn mechanics are just like DOOM, right?

gangsta_red201d ago (Edited 201d ago )

I know this gets you incredibly upset but please re-read what I said. Especially the last sentence I left in my comment.

Then please reply and explain where I even said Bluehole owned the patent for this particular design for BR games.

Calm yourself, count to ten and realize how irrelevant it was to ask about iD suing Doom....


DialgaMarine201d ago (Edited 201d ago )

I read your comment dude. You’re trying find the ground that makes Bluehole’s argument seem slightly more justified by pointing out that Fortnite has a lot of similarities. Upset? No. I don’t play PUBG at all, and Fortnite only once in a while. That doesn’t change the fact that Bluehole is being very stupid here, thinking they can get away with trying to establish a monopoly on a genre by trying to take out the competition that’s now miles ahead of them. Stop trying to defend this; I’m sure you have enough common sense to know that this isn’t a “maybe” or “but who knows?” type of situation.

The whole point of the DOOM mention was to say that if Bluehole somehow sue over your example, then id can technically do the same.

gangsta_red201d ago

"You’re trying find the ground that makes Bluehole’s argument..."

Don't know where you're getting this from. I'm merely making my own personal observation, no where near or far was I finding any justification for Bluehole.

"No. I don’t play PUBG at all, and Fortnite only once in a while. That doesn’t change the fact..."

Wow, pretty sure it does then maybe you would understand the similarities I brought up instead of going off on an extreme tirade.

"Stop trying to defend this;..."

Lmao, who is defending this?? I'll never understand this type of comment from people especially when their whole argument is irrelevant to the topic.

"..a “maybe” or “but who knows?” type of situation."

Except I don't know, I have already acknowledged that this wouldn't fly in court but I'm no Law and Order expert so I seriously don't know if this could go Bluehole's way, none of us do.

"The whole point of the DOOM mention..."

The whole point is you continuly going off on something that no one even mentioned. It's funny that I even have to explain this.

UCForce201d ago (Edited 201d ago )

Bluehole is being arrogant with their stupid lawsuit against Epic Game. If Bluehole keep suing Epic Games like that, their reputation will go down even further. Seriously, they shouldn’t have done it In first place.

The_Jackel201d ago

wasn't h1z1 done before pubg? so shouldn't the dev of h1z1 sue pubg? i think they should just to f*ck with them i hope bluehole lose but then lose to h1z1 and shutdown due to the bullsh*t they are pulling

on this correct me if im wrong as im pretty sure h1z1 was first

UCForce201d ago

@The_Jackel There was Minecraft Hunger Game and Culling, not just H1Z1.

The_Jackel201d ago

ahhh ok, i never touched Minecraft, never interested me at all personally

DialgaMarine201d ago

It’s incredibly stupid, and their case isn’t going to go anywhere. They don’t own the Battle Royale genre. Hell, they weren’t even the first ones to do it; they were just the first ones to see such a large initial success. Fact is, they’re just asshurt that Fortnite has been killing them, and their game is dwindling to nothing. Not Epic’s fault that Bluehole produced an unoptimized paid beta that is filled to brim with pay-to-win MT’s. Not to mention, they were actually dumb enough to not put the game on PS4. Well good. Can’t wait to see this get laughed out of court, and for their garbage game will continue to slowly die.

rainslacker201d ago

I've been thinking there must be more to this case than just Epic supposedly copying the game in some this case, the genre. That would never fly in court, because it's ludicrous to think that someone holds rights to a theme that makes up a genre. Even if it does things which were also seen in the "original" game, like the way you fly in, or the map getting smaller, it doesn't mean that the person who did that first somehow can own that idea....particularly when they only can claim they first did it in a game, although it's existed in other media for much longer.

Anyhow, the reason why I think there must be more to it is that Bluehole's lawyers would have told them this. Fortnite, even if it copied every idea that PUBG had, and implemented it in the same manner with the same or very close to the same execution, it's certainly derivative enough to be considered an original work.

The only thing that I can think that would make this some kind of valid copyright claim is if Epic actually did rip off some sort of code from Bluehole. But that gets kind of tricky to prove, because Bluehole would have used a lot of the scripting language available in Unreal Engine, and Epic created the ability to do certain things with that engine. Epic, being Epic, would probably execute the same things in a similar manner, and it's possible that the most logical, or only way to implement something in the engine using said script is what is done across both games. If some C/C++ code was used in PUBG, and that code is also present in Fortnite, then there is certainly maybe a case there if it can be proved it was ripped off, and not derived independently.

Software copyright can be tricky when in court, because you can't actually copyright certain things or ideas. You can trademark algorithms, but sometimes the most logical way to do something is not copyrightable within a particular language.

Twinblade201d ago

I guess Arma 3 should sue Playerunknown for taking their game and making his own aka PUBG.

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