Battlefield V: 10 Radical Gameplay Changes You Totally Missed

After months and months of rumours - and an endless debate over whether it would be Bad Company 3 or set in World War 2 - the next major instalment in the Battlefield franchise has finally been announced. Following Call of Duty in returning to gaming's most popular conflict, the WW2 game is already divisive - with fans criticising the colour scheme, the reveal trailer, and its prominent focus on female soldiers.

Still, just because Battlefield V is playing to its strengths doesn't mean that it isn't making some daring decisions before it releases this October...

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Newmanator196d ago

Nice summary, shame its spread across 10 greedy pages.

RedKnightOH196d ago

Got to get those ads in you know!!!

RedKnightOH196d ago

BFV... pretty. But no real substance for large multiplayer teams who love and use Tactical Teamwork in gaming. Battlefield 3 had far better Teamwork and structure. With the lack of intel on any real multiplayer play, private servers and basically no Clan Support... my friends and I see no reason to buy BFV... as we didn't buy BF1 and quit playing BF4 a few months after it's release. EA/DICE are only making games for the CoD kiddies now. Adults have lost interest in Battlefield games.

Take a hint... don't pre-order or buy BFV, until you read it's game reviews and the comments from BFV players. You may save some money.

Rippcity196d ago (Edited 196d ago )

This comment doesn't make any sense. If anything, judging by the changes mentioned in the article, BFV looks more team oriented. Things like spawning in with less ammo/resources means team comp is going to be essential. Yes they made it so that anyone can heal but I imagine the medic revive will still be better. And I'm sorry but what is different about this game that makes it for the "CoD kiddies"? Sounds like you're just bashing for the sake of bashing it. I've been playing BF since 1942 and in no way is the game or any previous entry even remotely like CoD.