God of War Director Address The So Called Lack of Boss Fights

Cory: "You realize that there’s a place where ambition overshadows resources and time, and you want to do so much, but you just have to end up choosing the things that will make the greatest impact."

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AspiringProGenji202d ago (Edited 202d ago )

I just thought some areas like Hellheim, the mines, and Tyr’a vault could have used a different boss. It is more of a missed opportunity than lacking bosses. It doesn’t lack bosses as it has quite a lot. I wasn’t expecting to go againts all gods from the get go. Hopefully those bosses that were cut make it to the 2nd game

Spurg202d ago

Not gods but at least have some big Norse myth monsters....
Fighting the damn trolls all the time got boring. Really most of the bosses were variation of trolls and witches.

thekhurg202d ago

My only complaint about the trolls is except for the 1st troll - every single one after that is cutscene killed in the exact same manner.

I was hoping for a little variety in them. Especially after the 1st two were different, then 3, 4, 5, 6, etc... were all the same as 2. :(

81BX202d ago

I was hoping for more variety in enemies. Still a dope game. The ending was disappointing as well.

Kribwalker202d ago (Edited 202d ago )

I agree, that was one of the main things that brought the game down for me (and by bringing it down it wasn’t by much as id give it a 9/10. Some more variety in the enemies and bosses. So many bosses you could shoot a couple shock arrows light hit, light hit, roll, roll, throw axe, repeat with the odd runic attack in there . The Valkyries are really the only bosses that differ

Ceaser9857361202d ago

The ending was one of the best ending, it was not disappointing at lot and i am fine with lack of bosses since its the 1st game and the lore and setting the future of the game
It would be weird that Kratos is fighting all the Gods in the first game , when he is a stranger to the place

sampsonon202d ago (Edited 202d ago )

"Fighting the damn trolls all the time got boring"
I'm playing the game on the hardest mode so i find your comment funny.
are you playing on easy or something? lol joking, but what mode did you play it on?

bouzebbal202d ago

i agree.. i am not done with the game, but i think there are too many of these trolls who have the same techniques.
i didn't find the variety in enemies as rich as the previous episodes.. some enemies from the other episodes were simply epic.
i also hoped for more finishing moves than one per kind of monster.
i can forgive this weakness when i see how this game as it is is an insane foundation of a new God of War era.

Anzil201d ago (Edited 201d ago )

Not true at all just what people want to believe. The variety type was crazy please don’t make me list them......

Dark Elves
Fire Draugrs
Ice Draugrs
Ranged Draugrs
Shielded Draugrs
Heavy Draugrs

Dark Elf King
Thor’s Nephews

And those are just off the top of my head.

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-Foxtrot202d ago (Edited 202d ago )

Only issue for me with the game, I just wanted to see different mini boses then a reskinned Troll, Ancient or Ogre, especially when these mini bosses were story encounters. I didn't mind on the map as they casual popped up but when it's a crucial scene I just wanted to see something a little differen't.

It would have also been nice to have more variety in the animations when you strike the killing the troll where you smack his face down, hook his stone column he's carrying around with your axe then drop it down on his head crushing him.

However I praise them for not wasting all the Norse Gods on this game, they did well with what they had and I'm glad they are keeping Thor, Odin and the like for future games. No point showing everything off at once where this story is just getting started.

RpgSama202d ago

Agree 1000%, Love the game but these are definitely area of improvements for the sequel, more killing blow (R3) animations for not only trolls, but for every enemy so it's not always the same every time you kill a particular enemy, the one with the stone columns is a perfect example, the first time it was amazing, by the 10th you were just going
through the motions and more Norse mythology monsters for minibosses.

gangsta_red202d ago

"I just wanted to see different mini boses then a reskinned Troll, Ancient or Ogre,"

Agree, having them constantly pop up was a let down especially later in the game where you basically know their attack patterns and you're leveled up. It made the threat of them even less at that point.

"No point showing everything off at once where this story is just getting started."

Disagree, the game does an excellent job at providing backstory for Odin and Thor and the events during the game makes for an expected, eventual meeting sometime during the adventure. (The Home scene doesn't count)

But it never happens. That was the biggest let down of the story really. I agree that not all the Gods should be shown but at least more of Odin's plan or something more with Thor should have been included.

When the credits started to roll I was like... seriously?

Rachel_Alucard202d ago (Edited 202d ago )

Yeah I don't why they gimped the executions from previous games so much. I remember regular enemies you could always pick how you wanted to kill them, but in here they just gave all of them 1 execution. This wouldn't bother me so much if they didn't just give the buff ones that annoying grab and dash kill that does barely any damage and they took out ramming it against the wall for the finisher. Overall, the executions felt like a big step down from previous entries.

Septic202d ago

Hit the nail on the head there.

I was expecting Thor and Odin though; and a REALLY long game. That would have been epic. Greatest of all time worthy game if it did that.

Still, I hope we don't have have to wait long for the next GoW. A next gen version of that will look incredible.

ConsoleGamer202d ago (Edited 202d ago )


"I was expecting Thor and Odin though; and a REALLY long game. That would have been epic. Greatest of all time worthy game if it did that."

I was hoping for the same. But the moment barlog announced that this is the beginning of a new trilogy, i realised we unfortunately wouldn't fight thor and odin this time.

It took us years to finally take down olympus' major league gods, until god of war 3 when we finished off zeus, poseidon, helios, hades and hermes. And i was convinced this time it'd be similar.

>Future ‘God of War’ games will stick with Norse mythology<

"But i hoped i get to kill thor and odin. But now i can't imagine santa monica moving on with norse mythology without these two still alive.😓"

69 days ago

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rainslacker202d ago (Edited 202d ago )

It had a lot of boss fights. But the valkyries were off the beaten path. You played the same boss several times, although each time added to the last or mixed things up each time. The other main boss wasn't really developed well, just kind of showed up, and their follow up appearance was rather disappointing.

But, the pacing of the game was fine, so the number of bosses really wasn't something to complain about IMO. I also never considered the trolls to be bosses in the traditional sense. Maybe mini-bosses. They came about too often IMO.

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lociefer202d ago

Put it this way; they switched the gow formula to third person and introduced a lot of new elements, so some things were bound to be different including the boss fight numbers.

Although i did enjoy that last battle immensely, the game could've used more variety in mini boss types

Flewid638202d ago

The series was always 3rd person though....

lociefer202d ago

it was a flexible third person, it went around you everywhere , zooming out and in, but never over the shoulder third person like uncharted or this one

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OMGitzThatGuy202d ago

The lack of variety of bosses is the only gripe I had with the game.