8 Crucial Exclusive Deals that are Helping Sony Dominate the Current Generation

Twinfinite writes that, while Xbox 360 had an upper hand in the previous generation, Sony has been pulling ahead in this generation by securing many 3rd party deals on top of their 1st party games. Here, Twinfinite reviews 8 of the exclusive deals that have pushed them ahead this generation.

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Osito77d ago

For me, the PS4 wins this gen no question. It always plain ol' comes down to the exclusives and Microsoft just hasn't delivered on that front that well.

DerekTweed77d ago

I think at this point even Xbox fans would admit that PS4 wins this gen, I mean, there should be no question about that.

biblesosus77d ago

Out of all the exclusives, gotta say Persona 5 has to be my favorite.

Relientk7777d ago

Persona 5 is a masterpiece and might be my favorite game this generation

gamerpop77d ago

Call of Duty and Destiny have been huge for Sony this gen, no doubt.

PhoenixUp77d ago

Lmao they actually put No Man’s Sky on this list

NotAfanBoyy77d ago

I only read the title and clicked thru the list, so maybe I'm missing something.. but not a single one of the games listed is an exclusive.

Agent_00_Revan77d ago

You missed the important word of 'Deal' in Exclusive Deals. Such as Sony getting the deals with Call of Duty for DLC first on PS4. Crash Reboot being on PS4 for a year on PS4 before going appearing on any other console.

yeahright276d ago

exclusive deals, not games. I think their point is more why people are choosing PS4 over xbox even for multiplats.