Xbox Live Games With Gold June 2018 Games Lineup Leaked Online

Xbox Live Games with Gold for the month of June 2018 hasn't been officially announced yet. Microsoft usually makes the announcement near the end of the month however the announcement for Games With Gold for the upcoming month is still shrouded in mystery.

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butchertroll200d ago (Edited 200d ago )

This image in article looks more legit than this one. LOL :

Notice different cover size for Xone games?

Looks like Ass Creed and Smite are legit one.

Eonjay199d ago

Smite is a F2P game so are they now offering MTs as content?

199d ago
Prince-Ali199d ago

this aged horribly!!! aahahha

TGGJustin200d ago

I'm calling fake on this. I don't believe Xbox would give us a founders pack for a F2P game as one of the four titles.

DerekTweed199d ago

I was thinking, isn't Smite a F2P game? What is the founders pack? a bunch of characters, loot boxes, in game currency etc?

ZaWarudo199d ago

The ultimate god pack (founders pack) is basically all 90+ gods and future gods.

ZaWarudo199d ago

It's probably the same bundle that PS4 users got with PS+ a few months ago. It's not the ultimate god pack. It was basically around 30 gods with their voicepacks and several skins.

Ciporta1980199d ago

Seriously a free to play game? That is some bs right there. Surely they have stated we will get 2 free x1 games and 2 free 360 games a month so this month is false advertising?

199d ago
TheCommentator199d ago

I'm just going to quote what ZaWarudo posted elsewhere in this thread: "It's probably the same bundle that PS4 users got with PS+ a few months ago. It's not the ultimate god pack. It was basically around 30 gods with their voicepacks and several skins."

I don't know if this list is accurate anyways, but if it is then they're probably giving away things for the game which actually cost money. But yes...

Clearly it's false advertising (just like it was when Sony did it a few months back, lol) / s

Ciporta1980199d ago

Erm Sony have never had this as one of their monthly games. They might have had it as one of their packs free for subscribe like that they do every month as well as the 2 free ps4 games. In fact I'm looking on the store right now and this month there are PS plus packs for H1Z1, Fortnite and tera so I guess using ms logic we must have got 5 free games this month.

stuna1199d ago

You just can't help it can you!? You'll try to paint Sony in the same light as Microsoft. But you need to get over it, there's no comparison. Maybe next generation.

TheCommentator199d ago

@ Stuna

It's you guys who can't help it which is why you're in a MS article talking trash again. Find a Sony where article I've come in and acted like you guys do... I'll wait! In the meantime, all I did is I quoted ZaWarudo. They're the one who posted the information. TBH though, this list isn't even really that good so I don't care that much.

OT: Don't worry bud, Sony will never be in the same light as MS because they're a $#!+ company in every way besides their ability to produce software. MS supports your old games library, the future of compatibility, your choice of where to play, 4K movies, the handicapped, and they even devote resources to making the world a better place through the Gates foundations. Sony only supports your current library, makes you play where they want you to and who you play with, makes remasters of games you likely still own but can't play through BC, makes half-assed mid-gen consoles, lackluster VR (with no after launch support), and uses their success from PS to float what's left of their business.

rainslacker199d ago (Edited 199d ago )

I add everything that's offered through PS+ free offerings every month since the start. The game itself is free, but it doesn't show that it was ever added to my download list, which means it wasn't on the PS+ offerings.

Sony does sometimes have other free stuff that is available to PS+ members, usually shown in the discount or free stuff sections.

I also did a quick google search to see if it was ever offered on PS+, and it doesn't show up. The only thing that comes up is that the founders pack was available for free to PS+ members. That is separate from their monthly offerings.

To date, I can't recall any DLC pack being put in the actual free monthly offerings sections. Sometimes DLC packs are available for games they offer though.

People are calling you out on making a false equivalency. You doing so on a rumor which probably isn't even true makes you seem more ridiculous.

198d ago
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N1GHT_W0LF_X199d ago

They should just rename the service to “Assassin’s Creed and LEGO Games with Gold” at this point.

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