Madmind Studios Forced To Abandon Agony's PC Censorship Removal Patch Or Face Closure

It seems censorship has won, with Madmind Studios forced to abandon Agony's PC censorship removal patch

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lociefer83d ago

well sure, we can argue about censorship, why idiots (ESRB, PEGI) think their agendas are better than anyone else, and the recent ban of we happy few in Australia. But why do that while million of kids are throwing money on their fortnites, call of duties, and battlefields, this is the direction gaming boards want video games. It's a lost cause, not worth the anger, F it.

SolidGear383d ago

We Happy Few was banned in Australia? Wtf?! It's not gory or sexy, lol. Is it because of the Joy drug?

Xack83d ago

Yeah. Basically drugs cannot make a game easier, as in an incentive to take drugs. If they do then banned.

lociefer83d ago

if this game is allowed in Australia, then Sydney will be destroyed by junkies, and they will bring down the government, they might also resurrect dinosaurs and set them loose on the world, so by banning this game everything will be fine; poverty, drug abuse, and crime rates will be down

warriorcase82d ago

And the Australian government wounder why people keep buying products from overseas. Censorship, price gouging, alot of shitty courier services. If we happy few actually ends up being good on full release then I'll just order it from overseas. easy peasy. If the Australian government doesn't want the GST tax from the sale then I'll give it to a country that does.

carcarias82d ago

Seriously? WHF banned because drugs made it easier? That's absurd.

What about Pac-man? When he pops those special pills, the game is way easier.

cluclap82d ago

Bioshock instantly comes to mind. You literally were shooting up in that game every 30 seconds

Kabaneri82d ago

Its gonna get worse, China is buying out the whole country.

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Mr-Dude83d ago

And again, they force censorship upon us. I really hate this....
Go back to the middle-ages! And leave us be

combatcash82d ago

If it was the middle ages they wouldn't be censoring, shit was raw back then lol

combatcash82d ago

IMO If they think it warrants it then give it an adult rating but don't censor the shit.

Seraphim82d ago

an adult rating is a death sentence for games. Retailers simply will NOT carry AO games.

combatcash82d ago

My bad meant mature rating, figured it was about the same thing.

agent453282d ago

Agreed, what is the purpose of the AO rating anyways.

GruntboxWizard83d ago

Isn't Fakku starting a games service? I bet they'd allow it. Probably worth a look.

Malice-Flare83d ago (Edited 83d ago )

well then, release the patch to modders and let them distribute it...

the rest support the devs by buying the game on PC & on Console...

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The story is too old to be commented.