Detroit: Become Human - PS4/Pro Comparison

Join John and Rich for further discussion on Detroit: Become Human, covering off the technical differences between the PS4 and Pro versions, performance and more.

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cigi174d ago

Really not much different here..a bit disappointing for a Pro owner - but then again well done for the old still running strong plain vanilla Ps4.

Lynx0207174d ago

Are you serious? This is the second time I am really happy I've sold my PS4 and bought Pro. Framerate on vanilla PS4 is killing the game!

Nyxus174d ago

The character models in this game are the best I've seen yet.

ClayRules2012174d ago

I agree. Some of the scenes with Hank, Connor, Markus, Kara, Alive Luther etc... are truly stunning. Quantic Dream once again showcase the power of the PS4. I assume they’ll create another new engine for their next game. Since they always create a new engine for each new game. A technical marvel (as all Sony exclusives are)