Street Fighter V Reveals Cody Travers in Brand New Trailer

Cody is out of jail and has taken office as the mayor of Metro City. Yet, he's still ready to fight in Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition.

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Fullmetalevolust117d ago

Damn! Who knew Cody was such a bad ass!? Daddy AF! lol
What the hell happened to Haggar?

Knushwood Butt117d ago

Cody seems to be wearing Haggar's green pants.

gangsta_red117d ago

Wait, can felons even run for mayor?

Abriael117d ago

They can in Metro City.

Lexreborn2117d ago

Super ready for my main, it will be nice to play SFV with a character I actually enjoy!

DivineAssault 117d ago

I like the weapon combat but that wind projectile was kinda lame

Last_Boss117d ago

Love Cody super underwhelmed!!

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The story is too old to be commented.