Why Zombie Games Refuse To Die

With a new influx of zombie games, Mike Mahardy looks at what has made them so popular over the years, and why the undead horde will continue to be important for video games.

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ArchangelMike177d ago

That was a great video, very insightful and it's true that zombie games are here to stay - for better or for worse.

However I think that what very many journalist fail to appreciate and address is that THEY get access to a lot more games a lot more frequently than the average gamer. Therefore if there is a collective that will be prone to suffering from zombie fatigue, it would be games journalist. IMHO they are therefore are not the best group of people by which to gauge the sentiments of the general gaming community (never mind the fact that they get most of their games for free, and don't have to pay for them).

The last zombie game that I played was RE7, and that came out last year. So for me it's been a year since I played any Zombie game, so I've got no zombie fatigue and would welcome a good zombie game actually.

HRoach616177d ago

Very true. Good point. And I just find them fun. I play a lot of games but really how many zombie games are worth checking out? I can only think of a hand full this generation. So I don’t think fatigue is gonna be setting in very soon.

porkChop177d ago (Edited 177d ago )

I have no problem with zombie games. I just think there are a bit too many of them. Why not get some other creatures in some games too? Vampires, werewolves, some more demons, etc. There are so many cool creatures to pick from.

joaovictorop177d ago

Zombie games refuse to die because they are undead!
They will live forever!

drpepperdude176d ago

The problem I have with most of them are they just aren't that good, the only few I can think of that is would be The Last of Us or MediEvil. Most of the rest are just so generic it's hard to even play them let alone enjoy them.