Detroit Become Human - Has one of the best QTE Fight Scenes Ever

CG writes: David Cage’s Quantic Dream were always going to touch on the issue of sexual relationships in their android themed Detroit Become Human story. Early on, the game references an android sex club (Eden) via one of its documents you can read. Skip to 13:40 in the video for less spoilers of the chapter.

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ArchangelMike176d ago

I couldn't shoot her either, which actually really surprised me, as up until that point, I was like "complete the mission at all costs." It's a testament to the immersion of the game that it genuinely got me to change my mind, and question my stance. What a brilliant game, it's even better on the second play through when you make different choices and see entirely different scenes and interactions.

GTgamer176d ago

I shot point blank 😂😂😂 I felt bad about it tho

choujij176d ago

As long as you felt bad. lol

GTgamer176d ago (Edited 176d ago )

@chouji the funny thing is my brothers all got mad at me they told me I was sick but I clearly pointed out that she tried to stab me in the face earlier 😂😂

UCForce176d ago

Even every chapters change completely by your choice.

Cobra951176d ago

Hmm . . . "Best" and "QTE" don't usually belong in the same sentence.

OK, watched the video. Looks great overall, but it did nothing to change my opinion about QTEs. I got a strong Westworld vibe from it, which is a good thing.

The audio nearly a second before the video, is that just the recording, or is the game that way too?

SpaceRanger176d ago

“The audio nearly a second before the video, is that just the recording, or is the game that way too?”

Recording. And this is only one of the many QTE events that help make this game a solid 9 for me. There’s a cool chase scene as well.

ArchangelMike176d ago

I know that such games (Telltale games as well) are not for everyone, as the lean more on story telling than traditional methods of gameplay, but I hope you can appreciate that this mission is a mid to late game mission, and by this point in the game ALOT has happened to develop your character, and your viewpoint. The game is not about QTE's, its about a story, and how that story unfolds due to your choice and actions.

Unfortunately, watching the clip won't give you the context and character interaction that leads up to it, or what follows; but the game really ramps up the choices for that character (Connor), as he (you) has to answer for why he failed the mission, and let the androids escape; and he/you have to make a choice in how you will continue with your mission. What stance you will take going forward, as each choice changes the relationship you have with your partner, your 'boss', public opinion, other androids, etc?

The fact that the entire scene, and the rest of the game plays out completely differently depending on the choices you made, is what contributes to making it such a good game.

Platformgamer176d ago (Edited 176d ago )

pretty cool

Segata176d ago

Must have never played Yakuza games.

Derceto176d ago

Even if it does, that would not be an accomplishment even worth acknowledging. I mean.... who writes this stuff?