Detroit Become Human Survey - Most Players would have relationships with Androids

CG writes: This news might not come as a surprise to people but the results are in. Take a look at the rather neat Detroit Become Human survey where players are asked some personal questions.

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Septic22d ago (Edited 22d ago )

Well Yeah, if they look like Ana de Armas and can pass the Turing test then sure, why not? At that point, minus the 'soul', the distinction between us and androids will be blurred.

Obviously all the 'bits' need to work though. Can't feel like you just penetrated a blender...

Cobra95122d ago

Perfect post. We're done here after that.

MWH22d ago

2 blenders feelings are hurt..

WickedLester22d ago

I hate to admit it but I agree. All the sex without the BS relationship baggage? I think most would go along with that.

gangsta_red22d ago

Well, you also have to consider that most of these men probably don't know how to talk to a real woman.

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Lokii22d ago

Just took the survey. Turns out most people don't believe in God also.

salmonade22d ago (Edited 22d ago )

Well most people that played the game anyway. This game is sooooooo much better than any of Cage's other games.

GamesMaster198222d ago

Don't understand why you even find that suprising, as most of us have our heads screwed on and don't belive in made up beings in the clouds. One chance in life then you die and thats it worm food.

Septic22d ago

Ah people who believe in a creator of this universe don't have their heads screwed on right. Yep...

NiteX22d ago

Ummm people who believe in god also believe you get one life. Very few religions believe in reincarnation.

King_Lothric22d ago

Please remember the words you just posted for when you die.

MWH22d ago

In fact, if this game provokes anything it's that behind every creation there's a creator.

GamesMaster198222d ago

Look to all the reply’s below . If there was life after death then good I would love to see my lost loved ones again. But science has more proof that there is nothing , than books that were wrote century’s ago. Show me proof and I’ll gladly accept it. But I get it most yall need that belief to get you through the day as without it yes the world would turn to anarchy , I mean what would be the point in life in general. But for me I’m happy in like and when death does eventually come so be it , I’m not scared or either have any regrets so I guess that’s just me .Also religion has been if not one of if not the biggest starts of war since humanity invented it . You can think of us humans as a virus , like the ones that live on us . We destroy them then what happens to them heaven ? . Same principle we are a virus that is destroying the earth same thing, what makes us so special over any other life form ?

No Way21d ago

@NiteX - Ummm, would living in eternity inside the pearly gates, not account for living a second life?

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Lynx020722d ago

Of course we don't. We have 21st century.

Cobra95122d ago

A slight majority (51%) don't actively disbelieve. The right answer is "don't know". The answer is unknowable in our plane of existence.

NewUser10122d ago

You say "plane of existence" like as if there's a known other. The right answer isn't "I don't know" when there's LITERALLY nothing else shown to the contrary. There is honestly 0...ZERO...reason to believe a god exists.

No, I don't know if a god exists...I know there isn't.

Forn22d ago


Having faith means not knowing. And even if mankind figured out absolutely everything about the universe which will never ever happen, that doesn't mean that something didn't create it.

kneon22d ago

It's nearly impossible to prove something doesn't exist without an exhaustive search. So as the universe is kind of big I'll go with agnostic, even though there is zero evidence for god(s) and no need of any for the universe or us to exist.

mkis00721d ago

what method did you use to figure out for sure a higher power cant exist? I cant seem to get that far. I cant believe it exists,but how can I know for sure?

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Dark_Knightmare222d ago

Yeah that really shocked me when I saw the results after taking the survey

warriorcase21d ago

where you really that shocked that not many people believe in god?

Dark_Knightmare221d ago

@warriorcase obviously I was or I wouldn’t have posted the comment that I did lol

warriorcase21d ago

Checks out. Here in Australia the latest census we had showed that "No Religion" was the most chosen option. I think people still have beliefs and some have faith but just not in the ways that traditional religions present them.

2016 Cencus:

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Chicago850622d ago

Lmao penetrating a blender...the thought iz hilarious 👍
The game good btw, still not finished but m intrigued by what may come next

Game on

kneon22d ago

Sounds dangerous, hopefully the blender doesn't get "turned on" :)

Kabaneri22d ago

People are probably gonna marry robots in the future.

ibrake4naps22d ago

They would be more loyal and emotionally stable than the average human.

Majin-vegeta22d ago

At least they can't take half your stuff when you get divorced


And you wouldn't need to pay them alimony :)

Kabaneri22d ago

I dont know..... I could see there being a movement for Robot rights lol.

CaptainObvious87821d ago (Edited 21d ago )

And maybe the female androids would have an actual capacity to love and respect their mate without a sense of entitlement and selfishness, unlike a majority of western women.

And before you call me a bitter lonely man, (even though that's not an argument and doesn't at all invalidate my claim) I'm happily married to a beautiful, kind woman.

bloop22d ago

There were articles in last week's newspapers about some guy that was planning to marry his sex doll, so yes, it's already happening in a way.

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