RE2 Remake to be the Resident Evil 4 Sequel We've Been Dying For?

"The rumors that are swirling suggest that the Resident Evil 2 remake will be in third person akin to Resident Evil 4 — but with a more ‘stylish’ execution." PlayStation Enthusiast

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GamesMaster1982199d ago

Hope not Resi 4 was a great game but not a great Resident Evil game, downfall from the classic to action orientated if ya ask me . Now the Remake of 1 nailed it . So if 2 Remake is anything like 1 Remake it will be a classic again. Just remember the classic Resi zombies the slow rotten, scary , real zombies and you can’t go much wrong.

bouzebbal197d ago

A hardcore RE fan speaking here!
i 100% agree.
RE4 didn't have a single puzzle.. RE2 was full of those.

theshredded197d ago (Edited 197d ago )

That's just wrong. What about the chess puzzle, the tombstone symbols and the statues in the room? There's also lots of missing pieces or levers as well. Stop hatin.

bouzebbal197d ago

come on! you call those puzzles?
there is no exploration in RE4 just running and gunning.

PeteyMcPickle197d ago

100% agree.
I don't want an action game.

TheCommentator197d ago

RE1 Remake and RE0 are still my two favorites in the series. If they go over the shoulder, Capcom will need to tread lightly on things and not stray too far from the original concepts.

You say slow moving zombies, bouzebbal says remember the puzzles, I say remember the pacing. It needs a slow pace, lots of tension, and a healthy fear of the unexpected too. It also needs to do something new like the RE1 Remake. Those Crimson Heads scared the crap out of me the first time I found one and Lisa was a beast!

wonderfulmonkeyman199d ago (Edited 199d ago )

I'd love to see it in the style of RE4.
The weapons and ways you could go about things were just superior in RE4. I get that some people love the classic style, with limited items, ammo preservation being key, and all that jazz, but it just never struck me as being as fun as earning the PRL, charging it up, and watching an entire map's worth of zombies fall to their knees. [along with whatever animals were in the area]
That and I just love the idea of being able to kick a zombie's head off again after stunning them.
That's fun stuff.

notachance197d ago

It's got "Resident Evil 2 Remake" for the title, if they want to attract Rambo-style zombie games fan they'd call it.. well not that.

wonderfulmonkeyman197d ago (Edited 197d ago )

Okay, then let me put this in a different context, for your consideration...
You don't think the style would change, right? And that the name reflects that?
FFVII remake changed its combat and kept the name.

There's precedence for this sort of change beyond that, too, but I think that proves my point well enough; If Squeenix is able to change it up, I see no reason why Capcom can't do the same to the RE2 Remake.

And I feel it would be a more exciting game because of it. Especially if they increased the number of enemies to compensate for the new abilities.

notachance197d ago (Edited 197d ago )

lol I never talked about the gameplay, I was talking about the theme.

I think FFVIIR despite changing its combat system, will keep their "feel" and "essence" true to the original
and so will RE2R, will keep being a "horror survival" game, not a Rambo game set in a zombie apocalypse a la Dead Rising.

and they make it for the RE2 fans no? not for RE4 fans, so why would they make it into RE4 in RE2 setting?? wait for your turn man, I'm sure if this game succeed there's bound to be RE4R

Hardiman198d ago

I just want the part 2 remake! Loved part 1&2! Loved the remake for the original and Zero! Part 3 was okay and really enjoyed Code Veronica and part 4. I also loved what RE7 did and just want to play this game so much!!!!!

CrimsonWing69197d ago

So with how well REmake sold they can’t just give us something like that? They’ll need to tweak the zombies then or it’ll be way too easy with over-the-shoulder aiming.

wonderfulmonkeyman197d ago

Or just add more of them and make them faster.
Or make harder monster-types show up sooner, like Lickers.

CrimsonWing69196d ago

Or just keep it in the vein of REmake and RE 0...

wonderfulmonkeyman196d ago

I didn't have the chance to play either of those, so can you tell me what you meant?

CrimsonWing69196d ago

Have you played any Resident Evil pre-RE4?

wonderfulmonkeyman195d ago

I played the original Resident Evil years back, yeah. Might have played a bit of two and some of Zero at some point, but I don't remember enough of them to really count them at this point.

Profchaos197d ago

Massive resi fan from 1-3 but apart from all the spin off titles that dragged the franchise down resi 4 is probably one of my least favourite in the series unpopular opinion I know it's good but played to much like an action game I would prefer resi 2 stay more true to the source

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