'Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon' — A Companion Piece that Stands on its Own | Goomba Stomp

Curse of the Moon is a Bloodstained tie-in spinoff that is more than just a Kickstarter promise.

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PirosThe4th174d ago

I am waiting for them to send me the code. I backed Ritual of the night.

maxwelln174d ago

Still no code? I heard backers were waiting on their codes but figured it would've been handled by now. Sorry to hear.

PirosThe4th173d ago

The psn codes got delayed apparently :/

VINNIEPAZ174d ago (Edited 174d ago )

Got it on Switch and waiting to get the Xbox one X version. Love the atmosphere and the music is rocking!

maxwelln174d ago

Music for Stage 5 is instantly legendary.

Einhander1971174d ago

Yes bought it on switch Thursday absolutely loving it. The gorgeous 8 bit quality, and the Music and sfx just brilliant.