Marvel's Thanos is coming to Grand Theft Auto V with all of his powers

Talented modder ‘JulioNIB’, best known for his Hulk, Ghost Rider, Iron Man, Dragon Ball and Crysis mods for GTA V, is currently working on a brand new mod for Rockstar’s open-world game. This new mod will bring Marvel’s Thanos to it, alongside all of his Gauntlet powers.

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KwietStorm200d ago

"with all of his powers."


TocaCannaBowl200d ago (Edited 200d ago )

boring ... have not touched gta online in 3 years

stevej336200d ago

Thanks for letting us know.

YodaCracker200d ago

Why does the headline read as though this is an official update to the game from Rockstar when it is only a mod? Misleading title.

Relientk77200d ago

That's how I read it lol

it's just some mod

Bathyj200d ago (Edited 200d ago )

Well read past the headline then. It's literally there in the first two words of the description. "Talented modder."

I swear people who complain about clickbait headlines and only read the headline are part of the same problem.

Bathyj200d ago

Sorry. I didn't mean to sound harsh. I know how clickbaity this industry is. But it's true, when the information is right there without having to click you can't complain about it. But you're right. The title could be better. I'll just shut up.

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rebeljoe14200d ago

Destiny arrives whether you want it or not

tigertron199d ago

"When I'm done, only half of Los Santos will exist."

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