Fortnite Players Are Paying for Fortnite Bodyguards

With Fortnite racking over 40 million players per month, there's no shortage of people wanting to learn how to play, and no shortage of coaches and bodyguards willing to teach!

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CyberSentinel57d ago

I don’t see anything wrong with this kind of service.

Gaming10155d ago

You're learning that it's the rich kids or just kids who use their parents' money without limits that will take advantage of this the most. Think of it as "Pay to win" the same way loot boxes are a "Pay to win" strategy in some sense. You can't be against this and for loot boxes, so the developers of games need to accept people may not buy their dumb loot boxes if you can just pay to win to get the highest rewards by creating a posse.
Or better yet, develop some social skills, make some friends and have them help you? Did that ever occur to any of these dumb kids? No?

PapaBop56d ago

People have been doing it for years now. I think it's pretty cool, the prices are decent and I'm sure for some youngsters, it's a great introduction into the world of business.

Army_of_Darkness56d ago

It's stupid for people who would pay for it... Like seriously?! It's a freakin free to play game! Not pay to survive game!!who ever pays for this is just straight up stupid! No real gamer would support this.

outsider162456d ago

Like you said for the straight up stupid. 😂

Sayai jin55d ago

Yup, it's called trial get beasted change up your game playm

sprinterboy56d ago (Edited 56d ago )

£7 ph, it's a fucking game dude, people are morans and shows just how uneducated the world is imo, go look up hints and tips on Google or watch some good players for free on YouTube or share play. This is so retarded, we moan at EA for MT yet its OK for gamers to charge £7 per hr, get the fuck out.

UKRsoldierPRO56d ago

... you don't like it then don't pay anyone. It's not a mandatory service. Dork.

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IamTylerDurden156d ago (Edited 56d ago )

With exceptional f2p Battle Royale games like H1Z1 and Fortnite on PS4 not having Pubg becomes far less of an issue. I don't know why people would want to pay $40 for Pubg when H1Z1 and Fortnite are free on PS4?

Vegamyster56d ago

Which one you prefer comes down to preference. PUBG feels closer to the ARMA games while H1Z1 has more fast paced/arcade like action, Fortnite plays nothing like the other two games but it's by far the most polished of the three.

brich23356d ago

pubg cost 30$ on xbox live, and currently 16.29$ at cdkeys

PapaBop56d ago

That's like saying "Well we have COD and Battlefield so why do we need Rainbow Six"

Pubg not being available on PS4 still sucks because it plays vastly different from Fortnite and is far more appealing for my own personal interests. Cost isn't necessarily a factor either, call me old fashioned but I much prefer the traditional gaming model of paying for my games upfront. The only f2p game I've invested time in is HOTS and I've ended up spending more money on that game than I do on most full priced games.

narsaku56d ago

Pay to teach you how to play a free videogame?

My god people are so lost.

Eidolon56d ago (Edited 56d ago )

Well with no Combat Training like H1Z1, it's going to take longer to get a feel for the game when you're killed in 3 minutes after chuting. With a bodyguard, you get more time, and direct/instruction to help learn the ins and outs of BR. I think it's a good service, but of course I'd never pay for something like that. But then look people contributing to $296m in MT's in a month, I'm sure the people dishing out cashola for aesthetics will pay for it.

sprinterboy56d ago

I know dude, the same people probably who hate EA MT but it's OK for them to charge £7 per hr. Disgusting.

CaptainObvious87856d ago

These are probably the same people buying loots boxes that are enabling greedy companies to slowly destroy my beloved hobby.

UKRsoldierPRO56d ago

Being free has no bearing on whether someone will become good at a game or not.

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Slippy22256d ago

People who need this service will never win a match anyway. Just watch people play on Twitch for free.

UltraNova56d ago

I never understood that either, meaning watching people play games instead of playing them themselves....

To each their own I guess.

Slippy22255d ago

I meant watch and learn for free. Instead of paying to learn.

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