E3 2018 PS4 Predictions: Death Stranding Gameplay, From Software's New Game, And More

GS: "With E3 2018 coming up, we share our biggest predictions for Sony's press conference and what could be next for PS4."

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Smokehouse176d ago

I would be happy with some god of war dlc as a surprise and ghost of Tsushima gameplay.

RpgSama176d ago

I would love for the new From Software game to be a new Tenchu, but under the influence of a Souls Game, just like Koei Tecmo did with Nioh, but instead of Samurais a Ninja Souls Game.

Smokehouse176d ago

I’m hoping the new ghosts of Tsushima will be in the vein of tenchu.

Nioh was my GOTY last year but the characters are heavy and slow. The combat is methodical like a souls game.

I liked the legitimate bushido stances a lot but I would like a faster pace for a ninja assassin game. Wild undisciplined combat like mugen off of samurai champloo. That’s the basis of the game it seems like, shedding his samurai roots to become a guerilla soldier. Sucker punch is perfect to deliver that imo.

mrwillhill01176d ago

I actually believe you may see something Onimusha related. Whether that is a remaster or a currently in work title is to be seen. I also believe Microsoft will have titles that are very far out, but a barrage of them to compensate for the lack of titles thus far. I am also hoping for even screenshots from the new Pokémon game. and last bolder prediction. I am guessing you will see a wild arms, fable, or an old sega property being brought back from death.

176d ago
narsaku176d ago

Ouhhh Fromsoftware. Come on baby, my body is reggie. <3